Mon Nov 19, 2018 14:47

It doesn't bother them. They can't wait for me to wash them. They want me to wash their soft penises first. But I don't.
I start with their faces and work my way down. During which time the one that isn't getting washed is playing with his brother's
penis. Let me know how she reacts and what she does to you bathing her and her bathing the boys.

  • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Mon Nov 19 06:25
    Haha I'd love to see it! Ok, we'll see tomorrow. I'll ask her if she'd like to take a bath with the boys. I liked the idea of letting her to bath the one of the boys. I want to see her reaction. Hope ... more
    • Cecilie - Jackie, Mon Nov 19 14:47
      • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Tue Nov 20 15:19
        Ok it was easy LOL. I offered the boys mom on the way from school to give them a bath and to my surprise she was happy to agree. Thankfully she gave me her bathrobe that I put over my clothes and I... more
        • Cecilie - Jackie, Fri Dec 7 17:24
          Sorry it took me so long to answer. I haven't seen any other boy's things, just the two I see. Glad you got the girl to help. Did she enjoy washing them? You should have showed her how to pull the... more
          • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Mon Dec 10 11:35
            She loved it! The oldest got stiff twice at the bath time. First at the beginning and then when I was about to wash his little thing. It is funny how it looks sticking out. I babysat them two only... more
            • Cecilie - Jackie, Tue Dec 11 00:48
              I am glad she liked it. I like it too when the boys go from soft to stiff. I like feeling them when they are soft, but it doesn't last long. The stiff ones I like to make wiggle. As a matter of fact, ... more
              • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Thu Dec 13 08:33
                I call it pee-pee too when I'm talking to them. Wouldn't she be embarrassed to be naked with the boys? I asked the girl I babysit if she would like to take a bath with the boys and she said that she... more
                • Boys Baths - Katie, Wed Dec 19 02:27
                  I loved the part about how the girl lowered the boys undies! I'm 13 and I babysit two boys and a girl also. The boys are brothers and are age 7 and 10 and the girl is 10 also and a classmate of the... more
                  • Re: Boys Baths - Cecílie, Thu Dec 20 12:16
                    Really? That's cool! I loved it too. Did she ever wash the 10 year old? Do you let her wash their private parts?
                • Cecilie - Jackie, Fri Dec 14 18:38
                  I can understand her being shy. I would be too. But maybe a younger girl would not be so shy. Say around four or five. Do you ever rub their pee-pees up and down and make them wiggle? I do for the... more
                  • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Fri Dec 14 22:52
                    Yes this is funny. I also like how it wiggles when they are running around the house and jumping on a bed after the bath time. What color are your boys' things under the skin? I mean when you pull it ... more
                    • Cecilie - Alex, Tue Feb 5 05:34
                      So Cecilia have you had any more chances to bath the boys or the girl?
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