Fri Dec 14, 2018 18:38

I can understand her being shy. I would be too. But maybe a younger girl
would not be so shy. Say around four or five. Do you ever rub their pee-pees
up and down and make them wiggle? I do for the boys I bathe. My bf watched me do it
and she giggled. I baby sat them today for about 2 hours and they wanted to see up my
dress. LOL. They were all over me trying to get me to let them do that.
They even took their pee-pees out to let me feel them if they could see
up my dress. But I did feel their pee-pees. Not sure this is going to
work out much longer. LOL

  • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Thu Dec 13 08:33
    I call it pee-pee too when I'm talking to them. Wouldn't she be embarrassed to be naked with the boys? I asked the girl I babysit if she would like to take a bath with the boys and she said that she... more
    • Boys Baths - Katie, Wed Dec 19 02:27
      I loved the part about how the girl lowered the boys undies! I'm 13 and I babysit two boys and a girl also. The boys are brothers and are age 7 and 10 and the girl is 10 also and a classmate of the... more
      • Re: Boys Baths - Cecílie, Thu Dec 20 12:16
        Really? That's cool! I loved it too. Did she ever wash the 10 year old? Do you let her wash their private parts?
    • Cecilie - Jackie, Fri Dec 14 18:38
      • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Fri Dec 14 22:52
        Yes this is funny. I also like how it wiggles when they are running around the house and jumping on a bed after the bath time. What color are your boys' things under the skin? I mean when you pull it ... more
        • Cecilie - Alex, Tue Feb 5 05:34
          So Cecilia have you had any more chances to bath the boys or the girl?
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