Re: Cecilie
Fri Dec 14, 2018 22:52

Yes this is funny. I also like how it wiggles when they are running around the house and jumping on a bed after the bath time.
What color are your boys' things under the skin? I mean when you pull it back?
The boys I bathed have a kind of purple or even blue.
They are giggling and squirming when I touch it.
It turned out that the girl told her mom that she helped me to bath the boys and her mom is ok with it but she's told her that she shouldn't laugh at them or tease them about it.

  • Cecilie - Jackie, Fri Dec 14 18:38
    I can understand her being shy. I would be too. But maybe a younger girl would not be so shy. Say around four or five. Do you ever rub their pee-pees up and down and make them wiggle? I do for the... more
    • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Fri Dec 14 22:52
      • Cecilie - Alex, Tue Feb 5 05:34
        So Cecilia have you had any more chances to bath the boys or the girl?
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