Boys Baths
Wed Dec 19, 2018 02:27

I loved the part about how the girl lowered the boys undies! I'm 13 and I babysit two boys and a girl also. The boys are brothers and are age 7 and 10 and the girl is 10 also and a classmate of the boy. We had the same situation. I had the girl help me bath the boys because she did not want to be in the thub with the boys either and didn't want the boys to see her naked. I bathed the 10 year old and she bathed the 7 year old. The second time was the same as yours. The 7year old got naked and hopped in. The 10 year old stripped to his underwear and stood there for the tub to fill. The girl then just went right ahead and pulled his undies right on down and told him to step out of them and get in the tub. It was so cute how he just obeyed her commands! That first bath set the tone. Boys are to be naked in front of girls and it's normal and it's not a problem that girls bath boys and see them naked. I guess the boy went along with it cuz he figured she's already seen him naked from the first bath. he started out trying to be shy in the first bath, but after a few minutes you really can't hide it the whole time and he realized we were going to see all of him and there's nothing he can do about it.

  • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Thu Dec 13 08:33
    I call it pee-pee too when I'm talking to them. Wouldn't she be embarrassed to be naked with the boys? I asked the girl I babysit if she would like to take a bath with the boys and she said that she... more
    • Boys Baths - Katie, Wed Dec 19 02:27
      • Re: Boys Baths - Cecílie, Thu Dec 20 12:16
        Really? That's cool! I loved it too. Did she ever wash the 10 year old? Do you let her wash their private parts?
    • Cecilie - Jackie, Fri Dec 14 18:38
      I can understand her being shy. I would be too. But maybe a younger girl would not be so shy. Say around four or five. Do you ever rub their pee-pees up and down and make them wiggle? I do for the... more
      • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Fri Dec 14 22:52
        Yes this is funny. I also like how it wiggles when they are running around the house and jumping on a bed after the bath time. What color are your boys' things under the skin? I mean when you pull it ... more
        • Cecilie - Alex, Tue Feb 5 05:34
          So Cecilia have you had any more chances to bath the boys or the girl?
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