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Boys and Girls bath Together
Wed Dec 19, 2018 02:47

I've bathed boys and girls together. you are right, keep the girls in their panties when they are with boys. the boys should be completely naked of course to get clean, but girls should be in a swimsuit or at least panties when boys are present.

  • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Mon Apr 23 08:13
    I haven't had a boy and a girl together yet but am curious to bath them together. You are right to have the girl in panties. I think that might be fun to watch.
    • Boys and Girls bath Together - Katie, Wed Dec 19 02:47
      • Re: Boys and Girls bath Together - Cecílie, Thu Dec 20 12:25
        That's an idea. I'll tell the girl's mom to pack a bathing suit for her. How many did you have in a tub at once and how old were the kids?
    • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon Apr 23 10:02
      I'm sure you will have a chance sooner or later. :) They are cute and they have a lot of fun! But watch them carefully! They don't think about safety playing and could slip and fall! In addition, you ... more
      • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Mon Apr 23 11:38
        Yean, maybe someday. Did the little girl try and mess with the boys things? And if she did, did you let it happen? I would like to see that. I like washing little boy's penises. They get so stiff.... more
        • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon Apr 23 14:38
          Jackie, I never saw a girl purposely touching boys thing. However I don't make an issue if it happens accidentally when they are playing in a tub or if they help soaping them up
          • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Mon Apr 23 20:27
            I wouldn't either. I think little girls would not touch a little boy there unless it was pointed out to them. Or like you said, by accident. But if it ever did happen to me I would not make a big... more
            • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Tue Apr 24 08:34
              That is how are boys different from girls. The boy would definitely examine and touch everything he didn't see before. As a teen I babysat for two families at the same time one summer. They knew each ... more
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