that's sexy
Sat Dec 29, 2018 16:31

Hey I just wanted to know do you like little boys cocks. Do you play with the twins often? Tell me in an email how do much you do and what you doto the young cocks.

  • bathing erect little boys - Freea, Sun Oct 21 17:47
    yes i too have loved bathing little boys cute erections and cute bare 7 yr old twins they are circumcised with huge huge penis heads that i rub to-gather as they lick my large nipples and... more
    • that's sexy - Anonymous, Sat Dec 29 16:31
    • Re: bathing erect little boys - jackie, Wed Oct 24 22:11
      Wow! What does your husband think of that? The only thing I did was bath and play with boys I baby sat.
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