bathing little nudist boys
Wed Jan 2, 2019 05:04

well,mom ,me and a couple girlfriends ,13 and 14,love to see my 4 brothers ,get out of the tub nude,running round our house and secluded property with erections,the boys love to be erect as much as possible as they tell us it feels good ,or some times when soft,we see t their penis' bounce up and down or sideways,makes us call them all over to give head to toe kissing,starting with their cute feet,they love to kiss us

  • bathing little boys - suzie, Thu Oct 25 04:32
    hi Jackie...i am 12 and been a nudist with my brothers all my life...always seen their super cute erections with the huge heads ( glands) so so formed and smooth,in the tub i get in too and they wash ... more
    • bathing little nudist boys - Suzie, Wed Jan 2 05:04
    • Suzie - Jackie, Sat Nov 17 18:19
      Sounds weird. Do you do anything with your parents?
    • bathing boys - suzie, Thu Oct 25 04:49
      hey jackie how old are u ? to answer a question mom and i still use dads email though he died when i was a baby of a hit and run was always his and hers email to-gather
      • Suzie - Jackie, Mon Nov 19 14:51
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