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Re: Was Babysat For Then Later Babysat For Otherws
Thu Aug 4, 2011 12:06

This is understandable for sure. It has been like that since time began I think, lol. Girls have a motherly instinct even at a young age. Also though for the younger girls there is a lot of curiosity, which also is natural and healthy I think anyway. I can remember when our sitter brought her younger sister along with her and her enthusiasm when it was our bath time. Luckily for me, I never bathed in front of her, but my brother did. I remember he was about 7 years old and our sitters young sister was about 11 or maybe almost 12 not sure. She was told by her sister to undress my brother and put him in the tub. I could tell even at my age she was very excited but also embarrassed at the same time it seemed, but she did get him undressed and into the tub staring constantly, lol, as you might assume. My brother being only 7 didn't seem to mind and his modesty was not an issue.

  • She's a girl... Anyway the boys are ok with it. It's hard to explain... She wanna feel like a big girl i.e. be like me or her mother and we never get undressed with the boys around. Though we never... more
    • Double Standard - FunGuy1326, Sun Aug 7 17:54
      I am not OK with a double standard that says boys are completely naked around girls but girls still have panties, or more, on. There is a lot more to see on a boy than a girl at those ages and it is... more
    • Re: Was Babysat For Then Later Babysat For Otherws - kevin, Thu Aug 4 12:06
      • Lol)) Sounds like the time when I was 10 and my mom wathed the two neighbour boys for few days. I remember she asked me to run a bath but I also called them and told them to undress and get into the... more
        • Helen, how old were the boys when this took place? You said you were about 10 or so, I am assuming the boys must must of been real young since they didn't put up much of a fuss with you being there.
          • I don't remember exactly. But the younger one was a preschooler, maybe 5 or 6, and his brother already at elementary school age, 8 or so. There was a bit of fuss actually. The older boy undressed to... more
            • Sounds like it was fun for you. :D How did you feel seeing these boys naked? Was it your first time you see boys nude so close? Did you see the older boy's wiener when your mom slipped down his... more
              • You know, it was quite a long ago... I'm sure I was very curious. Of course I seen a little boy nude before but not so close. Of course, been standing only a couple of feet away, I seen everything I... more
          • double standard - For Funguy, Mon Aug 8 08:23
            The double standard concept has been beaten to death on the internet and everyone talks about it but it will not change. I do think though that today, moms are a little more thoughtful and sensitive... more
            • Not always a double standard - Trog, Mon Aug 15 16:45
              Or maybe, he enjoyed being nude and didn't think anything about being nude in front of other people. Where your daughters may not have been comfortable or liked being nude and may not even of thought ... more
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