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Re: Kevin Question
Mon Aug 15, 2011 16:52

I guess my being a late bloomer, I never reached that age where I wanted privacy, before I stopped having a babysitter. I had babysitters all the way up to 13 years of age, then I became the babysitter. I suppose it sounds wierd in this day and age, but when me and my brothers were young, we never thought anything about our sitter bathing us or seeing us nude. For us it was the same as our mom or aunts or garndma seeing us nude. It just was something that happened and we didnt think one way or another about it.

  • Re: Kevin Question - kevin, Fri Jul 29 11:13
    Parker, I was older and I was embarrassed to be naked in front of the sitter and especially her younger sister who sometimes came with her. It is odd or maybe natural that all of sudden it seems you... more
    • Re: Kevin Question - Trog, Mon Aug 15 16:52
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