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Sat Oct 15, 2011 17:14

No. Why do you ask? Not exactly wiping their penis but just dab the drops off the end. I do the same for myself.

  • Re: Wiping - Anonymous, Sat Oct 15 10:07
    To FunGuy You mention wiping boys penis off before putting clean undies on them so they wouldn't get pee stains. Did you remove the boy's underpants before letting them go to the bathroom?
    • Wiping - FunGuy1326, Sat Oct 15 17:14
      • Re: Wiping - Em, Sat Oct 15 22:14
        I'm sorry. It was I who ask the question. I forgot to type my name in the box. Sometimes when I was being babysat my panties would be taken off when I had to go to the bathroom. It was done so I... more
        • Wiping - Jack for em, Thu Oct 20 17:20
          Would you like to email about your experiences
        • Checking For Cleanliness - FunGuy1326, Sun Oct 16 06:22
          Hey Em, just one other question. Just how were you checked for cleanliness and why did your panties have to be taken off? I was always able to be sure they, boys and girls, were clean after wiping... more
        • Your Experiences - FunGuy1326, Sun Oct 16 06:17
          Hi Em, That is OK. I would like very much to chat with you more about your experiences both being babysat and you doing babysitting. In what ways did the experiences you had while being babysat... more
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