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bath time
Fri Dec 2, 2011 10:45

i had my first bs experience when i was 8. it was terrible
my mom didn't tell me the bs was going to give me a bath.
i told her i didn't want a bath, she was around 13. she
told me that was her instructions and it was no big deal
because she was the neighbordhood baby sitter and saw
naked boys all the time. i later found out this was a lie.
it was terrible she made me stand and soaped up my
weener and i got a boner and was embaressed.
when she dired me off that was the first thing she dried.
i never went through that again.

  • Was Babysat for About 5 years - kevin, Thu Jul 21 16:03
    My brother and I were babysat for about 5 years starting when I was about 5 years old. My brother is a couple of years younger than me so he would of been about only 3. My mom and dad split at about... more
    • bath time - jon, Fri Dec 2 10:45
      • Re: bath time - Unknown , Sun Oct 7 18:29
        That true my babysitter I had bathe me and did the same thing , she would wash my weener and tried to make it hard . She was 16 I was 8 and what I get now is that these girls do get turned on when... more
      • Bath Time - FunGuy1326, Sat Dec 3 07:08
        I am sorry it was so bad for you. I gave gave baths to boys and girls from age 2 or 3 up to about 12 and never had a problem with any of them. We always made a fun & games kind of thing. The fact... more
        • bath time - Ralphyyyyyy, Thu Sep 5 23:40
          When I was 10 I played with my bath toys until the water was cold. This made my sister crazy because needed to use the bathroom too, but I'd be in the tub for 30 or 40 minutes. One night she was... more
          • bath time - Ralphyyyyyy, Thu Sep 5 23:52
            Just to finish my bath time episode - my sister did continue to give me my baths - don't remember for how long, but it was a long time. I got hard the minute she pulled my underwear down. I pointer... more
            • Bathing older boys - Gina, Sat Jan 4 13:12
              Being the only girl with 5 brothers I helped my mom bathe them even though 3 were older. She left me in charge when she was gone. My older brothers knew I got paid to babysit them, but it started at... more
              • Bathing old boys - Tom, Fri Jan 27 00:28
                Wow! You babysat you babysat and bathed your older brothers? How did you have such authority to tell them what to do? What would you do if your older brother messed with you? Isn't it awkward for... more
              • Bathing older brother - Megan, Wed Oct 7 11:57
                With your older brother did you wash his privates?
              • Bathing Older Boys - FunGuy1326, Tue Jan 7 06:56
                I am the oldest of 6, 2 more brothers after me and then 3 sisters. I had to help my mom with bath time and getting them ready for bed so I never bathed anyone older than me but I did help with bath... more
        • bath - jon, Mon Dec 5 11:17
          hi, i appreciated your answer. but look at it my way it was bad enough she saw me naked. but when she had me stand up and soap up my private that was all i could handle and the fact she asked me the... more
          • Being Bathed - FunGuy1326, Mon Dec 5 13:52
            I am sorry to hear that it was an embarrasing experience for you. She should have been more understanding of your feelings and your mother should have been more understanding as well. I just never... more
            • Re: Being Bathed - jon, Mon Dec 5 19:14
              thanks for your understanding of a very embarrsing situation. unfortunately this will be with me for a long time. again thanks
    • Re: Was Babysat for About 5 years - HelenHa, Mon Aug 1 22:45
      That sounds quite normal but there is no reason to shy even in 9 or 10. I sometimes give my cousins a bath. The older one is almost 9 but he still likes it. Sometimes the younger boy's sister help me ... more
      • being bathed - Mike, Fri Mar 16 21:43
        My babysitter when I was 9 was I think about 14 and she would bathe me. what embarrassed me was that she would let my little sister watch. We both got the idea that girls were suppose to babysit and... more
        • bathed by baby sitter - David, Thu Apr 20 18:22
          My parents and my uncle and aunt went to a Saturday night movie so my 17 year old cousin came to our house to babysit us. I was 14 and my sister was 11. My mother told my cousin that my sister's bed... more
        • Babysat By Younger Sister? - FunGuy1326, Tue Mar 20 19:30
          That does seem a little odd. Why would an 11 year old be babysitting a 12 year old? I was always at least 4 or 5 years older than the kids I sat for and usually 6 or 7 years older or more.
      • Re: Was Babysat for About 5 years - Jack to helenha, Mon Oct 3 18:46
        You ever wiped a kids bum after the toilet
        • wiping - Kira, Fri May 10 16:46
          I wipe up after my siblings a lot, especially since one is still in diapers.
          • Wiping - FunGuy1326, Tue May 14 06:22
            Yes, babysitting for those still in diapers does require a bit more work special attention to making sure they are properly cleaned to prevent rashes and such before putting them in clean diapers. I... more
        • Wiping - FunGuy1326, Sat Oct 8 06:34
          I have wiped and cleaned up those I babysat many times, both back and front.
          • Re: Wiping - Em, Mon Oct 10 07:33
            I was sat by a guy. I remember being wiped front and back by him. It wasn't really a big deal then. When I got a little older I started to become more aware when he would remove my panties but never... more
            • Wiping - FunGuy1326, Mon Oct 10 08:51
              To Em, It was the same for me. I had no problem with wiping boys and girls bum and wiping girls front after peeing. I would even wipe the drips off a boys penis before putting him in clean undies so... more
              • Re: Wiping - Anonymous, Sat Oct 15 10:07
                To FunGuy You mention wiping boys penis off before putting clean undies on them so they wouldn't get pee stains. Did you remove the boy's underpants before letting them go to the bathroom?
                • Wiping - FunGuy1326, Sat Oct 15 17:14
                  No. Why do you ask? Not exactly wiping their penis but just dab the drops off the end. I do the same for myself.
                  • Re: Wiping - Em, Sat Oct 15 22:14
                    I'm sorry. It was I who ask the question. I forgot to type my name in the box. Sometimes when I was being babysat my panties would be taken off when I had to go to the bathroom. It was done so I... more
                    • Wiping - Jack for em, Thu Oct 20 17:20
                      Would you like to email about your experiences
                    • Checking For Cleanliness - FunGuy1326, Sun Oct 16 06:22
                      Hey Em, just one other question. Just how were you checked for cleanliness and why did your panties have to be taken off? I was always able to be sure they, boys and girls, were clean after wiping... more
                    • Your Experiences - FunGuy1326, Sun Oct 16 06:17
                      Hi Em, That is OK. I would like very much to chat with you more about your experiences both being babysat and you doing babysitting. In what ways did the experiences you had while being babysat... more
        • Re: Was Babysat for About 5 years - Jack, Tue Oct 4 18:31
          Did you find it unpleasant to have to do
        • Re: Was Babysat for About 5 years - HelenHa, Tue Oct 4 10:06
          Yes. Why?
          • Wiping - FunGuy1326, Sun Oct 9 05:37
            HelenHa, Are you saying you were uncomfortable wiping the children you were babysitting after pooping or peeing? Or you were uncomfortable being the one wiped? What was the reason for feeling... more
            • Re: Wiping - HelenHa, Sun Oct 9 06:10
              My answer was to the Jack's original question - did I ever wipe a kid's bottom. As I told before there's nothing unpleasant to do it, they're just kids.
      • First let me ask why she kept her undies on if the boys were naked? ust seems odd. Anyway, I was babysat for a number of years and always by girls. Bathtime and changing in front of them was never a... more
        • She's a girl... Anyway the boys are ok with it. It's hard to explain... She wanna feel like a big girl i.e. be like me or her mother and we never get undressed with the boys around. Though we never... more
          • Double Standard - FunGuy1326, Sun Aug 7 17:54
            I am not OK with a double standard that says boys are completely naked around girls but girls still have panties, or more, on. There is a lot more to see on a boy than a girl at those ages and it is... more
          • This is understandable for sure. It has been like that since time began I think, lol. Girls have a motherly instinct even at a young age. Also though for the younger girls there is a lot of... more
            • Lol)) Sounds like the time when I was 10 and my mom wathed the two neighbour boys for few days. I remember she asked me to run a bath but I also called them and told them to undress and get into the... more
              • Helen, how old were the boys when this took place? You said you were about 10 or so, I am assuming the boys must must of been real young since they didn't put up much of a fuss with you being there.
                • I don't remember exactly. But the younger one was a preschooler, maybe 5 or 6, and his brother already at elementary school age, 8 or so. There was a bit of fuss actually. The older boy undressed to... more
                  • Sounds like it was fun for you. :D How did you feel seeing these boys naked? Was it your first time you see boys nude so close? Did you see the older boy's wiener when your mom slipped down his... more
                    • You know, it was quite a long ago... I'm sure I was very curious. Of course I seen a little boy nude before but not so close. Of course, been standing only a couple of feet away, I seen everything I... more
                • double standard - For Funguy, Mon Aug 8 08:23
                  The double standard concept has been beaten to death on the internet and everyone talks about it but it will not change. I do think though that today, moms are a little more thoughtful and sensitive... more
                  • Not always a double standard - Trog, Mon Aug 15 16:45
                    Or maybe, he enjoyed being nude and didn't think anything about being nude in front of other people. Where your daughters may not have been comfortable or liked being nude and may not even of thought ... more
    • Kevin Question - Parker, Wed Jul 27 13:34
      When you wanted to take private bathes was it because of modesty about being nude or shame that you were being given a bath at an older age? I was babysat from 5 years old until I was 12 by different ... more
      • Re: Kevin Question - kevin, Fri Jul 29 11:13
        Parker, I was older and I was embarrassed to be naked in front of the sitter and especially her younger sister who sometimes came with her. It is odd or maybe natural that all of sudden it seems you... more
        • Re: Kevin Question - Trog, Mon Aug 15 16:52
          I guess my being a late bloomer, I never reached that age where I wanted privacy, before I stopped having a babysitter. I had babysitters all the way up to 13 years of age, then I became the... more
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