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Mon Dec 5, 2011 11:17

hi, i appreciated your answer. but look at it my way
it was bad enough she saw me naked. but when she
had me stand up and soap up my private that was
all i could handle and the fact she asked me the names
of my friends and she babysit them when in fact she
lied. when i told my mom i couldn't believe she was not
even alarmed or interested

  • Bath Time - FunGuy1326, Sat Dec 3 07:08
    I am sorry it was so bad for you. I gave gave baths to boys and girls from age 2 or 3 up to about 12 and never had a problem with any of them. We always made a fun & games kind of thing. The fact... more
    • bath time - Ralphyyyyyy, Thu Sep 5 23:40
      When I was 10 I played with my bath toys until the water was cold. This made my sister crazy because needed to use the bathroom too, but I'd be in the tub for 30 or 40 minutes. One night she was... more
      • bath time - Ralphyyyyyy, Thu Sep 5 23:52
        Just to finish my bath time episode - my sister did continue to give me my baths - don't remember for how long, but it was a long time. I got hard the minute she pulled my underwear down. I pointer... more
        • Bathing older boys - Gina, Sat Jan 4 13:12
          Being the only girl with 5 brothers I helped my mom bathe them even though 3 were older. She left me in charge when she was gone. My older brothers knew I got paid to babysit them, but it started at... more
          • Bathing old boys - Tom, Fri Jan 27 00:28
            Wow! You babysat you babysat and bathed your older brothers? How did you have such authority to tell them what to do? What would you do if your older brother messed with you? Isn't it awkward for... more
          • Bathing older brother - Megan, Wed Oct 7 11:57
            With your older brother did you wash his privates?
          • Bathing Older Boys - FunGuy1326, Tue Jan 7 06:56
            I am the oldest of 6, 2 more brothers after me and then 3 sisters. I had to help my mom with bath time and getting them ready for bed so I never bathed anyone older than me but I did help with bath... more
    • bath - jon, Mon Dec 5 11:17
      • Being Bathed - FunGuy1326, Mon Dec 5 13:52
        I am sorry to hear that it was an embarrasing experience for you. She should have been more understanding of your feelings and your mother should have been more understanding as well. I just never... more
        • Re: Being Bathed - jon, Mon Dec 5 19:14
          thanks for your understanding of a very embarrsing situation. unfortunately this will be with me for a long time. again thanks
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