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Being Bathed
Mon Dec 5, 2011 13:52

I am sorry to hear that it was an embarrasing experience for you. She should have been more understanding of your feelings and your mother should have been more understanding as well. I just never had any problems like that when I was babysitting and bathing both girls and boys.

  • bath - jon, Mon Dec 5 11:17
    hi, i appreciated your answer. but look at it my way it was bad enough she saw me naked. but when she had me stand up and soap up my private that was all i could handle and the fact she asked me the... more
    • Being Bathed - FunGuy1326, Mon Dec 5 13:52
      • Re: Being Bathed - jon, Mon Dec 5 19:14
        thanks for your understanding of a very embarrsing situation. unfortunately this will be with me for a long time. again thanks
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