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My babysitter........
Sat Oct 6, 2012 18:39

Reading this forum is fun . My babysitter was a sixteen year old girl when I was 8 years old . I remember she would bathe me She would on purpose wash my genital area for me just to get an erection . I never said anything about , but she explained a lot to me about sex . Of course this is a turn on , but as an 8 year old now I regret that I was not a bit smarter then as I am now and "regret" that I did not ask her to she me her stuff ...........I think girls at 16 are devious , and will get their first chance at a young boy .

  • My babysitters - Jamal, Wed Jul 13 17:41
    I have 2 brothers they are a year younger than me. Growing up we had lots of different babysitters. Some old and some young. Me and my brothers were always bathed together in a huge cast iron tub. At ... more
    • Babysitter - Ralphyyyyy, Sun Jan 11 21:38
      When I was 12 my parents were going out of town to attend a wedding. It was going to be a for a 4 day weekend. I never had a babysitter before and this was new territory for me. They asked the girl... more
    • My babysitter........ - Unknown, Sat Oct 6 18:39
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