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Babysitter spanks with switches
Thu Jan 8, 2015 23:46

When I was growing up back in the 80's .. I was 7 years old .. and my mom was a hard working single mom . She found a sitter that did child care from her home . She was in her late 20's and very strict with kids . She was a firm believer in old fashion bare bottom switchings . My mom told her right in front of me .. that she wanted me strictly disciplined and my bare bottom needed burned up daily . She gave her Full written permission to apply switches as often as she felt it was needed . Her name was Jackie and quite pretty ... I was right away told of her experience with switches ... and that she had plenty of good bush switches to choose from outside .. and that she cut fresh ones each day .. She showed me a switch that had been on top of her fridge ... and while holding it .. she started snapping it and cutting air with it ... omg .. it was hissing ... it was a very loud hiss as it cut thru the air ... ''Do you hear my switch hissing ?'' she said .. ''Wait till it gets on your bare bottom'' ! I'm going to light a nice hot fire ... and to prove it .. I'm going to do so , right now .. right in front of your mom !! She made me drop my pants and underwear .. and come and lay across her knee ..and with mom watching .. she burned my bottom and the back of my legs .. with that hissing switch .. OMG .. it was the hottest fire I have ever felt ... Mom always spanked with hand ... my first time with a hissing switch was upbearable HEAT .. She ran that switch up and down my legs ... on my bottom ... back to legs ... the FIRE was like I was sitting on a Red Hot stove .. and she was controlling the Heat . I was crying and begging but she said that her switchings were long and were met to teach a Hot lesson indeed . Mom was shaking her head .. Yes .. thats exactly what he needs ! My first switching lasted a full 5 minutes and I was on FIRE and burning HOT ... My bottom was bright Red ..and striped ... the stripes were even criss-crossed to show my mom .. the exact experience she had with placement and control as the switch was hissing . I was given this demo switching and I hadn't even been bad or naughty ... my bottom was sizzling just so I would understand that she was in charge and had Mom's permission to apply the switch . I started staying with her the very next day .. Mom drop me off on her way to work .. and I quickly found out .. just how strict .. Jackie really was ! She told me .. that the hiss sound from her switches was something that she didn't mind hearing .. and that I could hear it as often as I wanted .. OMG she wasn't kidding ! She lit me up RED HOT daily ... a lot of times .. I even got 2nd doses .. just so she was sure a lesson was learned . We had a lot of fun during the day and she liked to get on the floor and play games with me ... We would even bake cookies ! But if I crossed the line in the slightest way ... it was a long drawn out switching that made me think the whole world was on FIRE ... There is a lot more to come ... if anybody wants to hear ..

    • Gone Too Far - FunGuy1326, Fri Jan 9 06:02
      I am truly sorry to hear the way you were treated by the babysitter. I have done a great deal of babysitting for a wide range of ages and although I do believe children sometimes need some discipline ... more
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