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Gone Too Far
Fri Jan 9, 2015 06:02

I am truly sorry to hear the way you were treated by the babysitter. I have done a great deal of babysitting for a wide range of ages and although I do believe children sometimes need some discipline your situation was way out of line. I have only found it neccessary to use a moderate bare hand spanking on a few occassions and even then not always on a bare bottom. Talking with a child and perhaps taking away a privilage or two for a short time is often the most effective way to discipline while keeping the respect of the child.

  • Babysitter spanks with switches - ned, Thu Jan 8 23:46
    When I was growing up back in the 80's .. I was 7 years old .. and my mom was a hard working single mom . She found a sitter that did child care from her home . She was in her late 20's and very... more
    • Gone Too Far - FunGuy1326, Fri Jan 9 06:02
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