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Sun Jan 11, 2015 21:38

When I was 12 my parents were going out of town to attend a wedding. It was going to be a for a 4 day weekend. I never had a babysitter before and this was new territory for me. They asked the girl down the street who did all the neighborhood sitting. She was in high school (Don't know what grade) and I was in 6th grade. We both took the same bus to school in the morning. We hardly ever talked, but I thought she was nice looking. Her name was Carolyn.

The day came for my parents to leave. It was Friday and that morning at the bus stop, Carolyn asked me if I was excited about the weekend. I didn't know what to say, so I just said, "I guess."

She said she was and she'd meet me on the afternoon bus home. She usually didn't take the bus after school.

That afternoon, she came to my seat on the bus and sat next to me. I felt that that was cool. I was actually sitting with a girl on the bus like the big kids. I was 12, not 2, and I knew sort of how things worked, and I was developing an interest in girls.

We walked home together. Carolyn had already brought her things over the night before and she and my mom went over everything, leaving a long list of how things were supposed to run.

The rest of the afternoon was normal - no big deal. I did everything I usually did. Carolyn cooked dinner and we ate. I went to my room and started my weekend homework, while Carolyn watched TV. She came up once and asked what I was working on and if I needed any help. I was fine, and she went back to the livingroom.

After awhile I went down to watch TV too. Carolyn was looking though the list of things to attend to my mom had left. At 10 o'clock she said, "Ralphy, it's time for your bath. I'll go up and run the water for you."

Her words pretty much went unnoticed as I continued watching TV. Soon I heard her call from upstairs, "Ralphy, come on up; it's ready."

Still nothing was registering in my head. I went upstairs expecting to go in the bathroom, close the door and take my bath like I always did.

When I got up there, Carolyn was standing there; the bathroom was steamy from the hot water in the tub. She said, "Your mom said you like you bath water really hot. I hope it's not too hot."

Before I could absorb anything she was saying, she was pulling my t-shirt up and over my head.

I sort of pulled away which caused my t-shirt to come right off. She dropped it on the floor and pulling me toward her, she got herself between me and the door. She got down on one knee and started unbuckling my belt. She knew exactly what she was doing and in a snap she was pulling my jeans down. Leaving me in my Fruit-of-the-Loom whity-tighties.

Finally the situation was sinking in, but I was still expecting her to now leave and close the door behind her. But that didn't happen. She reached to pull my underware down when I grabbed them saying, "Hummmm I can do all this myself Carolyn."

"I'm sure you can Ralphy, but your mom specifically said that I was to be sure that you got a good bath each night. I asked her how that usually worked, and she said that it would be fine if I gave you your bath. That way she would know that it would be done right."

I'm sure my face was bright red from embarrassment as I continued to clinch the waistband of my underware with fists of iron.

"So - let's get going OK?" And she fingers tugged on my underware to pull them down.

I turned my back toward her saying, "I can do this." I pulled my underware down and stepped out of them. My back toward her, I slowly stepped into the hot water. It was just they way I liked it. I sat down slowly keeping my privates covered all the while. The water was just deep enough to cover my genitals, but just barely.

I kept my knees pulled up toward my chest with both my hands covering my crotch as Carolyn's soft hands began shampooing my hair. It did feel good. As I said earlier, this was brand new territory for me. I could not remember ever having anyone give me a bath except when I was very little. Now here I was, 12 years old, in middle school, getting a bath from my babysitter. It was all sinking in now. I was going to die if anyone ever found out about this.

Carolyn finished shampooing my hair. My eyes were tight shut to keep any soap out and she said, "OK, you can slip under the water now so I can rinse the soap out."

I sort of slipped down and into the water sideways, keeping my genitals covered all the time. It was enough for Carolyn to get my hair rinsed, and she said, "Come back up Ralphy."

I pushed myself back into my sitting position as she started soaping my shoulders, back, arms (as much as I'd allow), and then my chest, working her way down to my tummy. My hands clamped tightly around my little dick and balls. I was actually starting to like the feeling of her hands slipping all over my body, and I started to relax - just a tiny bit.

She started to talk to me about school and what teachers I had. I kept my answers short, and she told me about the teachers we both had. A couple of her stories were actually funny and I laughed - just a little.

"OK - slip down in the water again to rinse" (My upper body that is)., she said.

I slipped down until the water was at my chin, most of my body in the water. Her gentle fingers slipped over my skin swishing the soap off. My knees were off to the side as I was still trying to keep my back toward her.

It didn't matter. Her hands started soaping my knees as she pulled them toward her forcing me more onto my back and I was still down in the water up to my chin. My knees were clamped together tight. But not tight enough to keep her slippery, hands from getting right between and soaping the insides of my thighs.

OMG! Her hands were so close to my crotch. Actually, she was touching my hands covering myself down there. She continued too talk to me about school stuff. I was sort of listening.

"OK - Let's just get you finished. Move your hands so I can was down there."

I couldn't move or utter a sound. I just sat there staring down at the water around my belly button.

"Ralphy, relax. I do this all the time. I'm pretty sure I've bathed every boy in the neighborhood. You're fine. I like you.

Those last three words got my instant attention, "I like you." And before I knew it, her soapy fingers were slipping down my tummy between my arms, pushing them apart and away - then her hand was on my genitals!

"There, you see - no big deal. Now let me get in there and do a good job."

My heart was pounding in my chest; my breathing was heavy, as I allowed my arms and hands to move aside, just enough to give her access - down there.

I felt her hand moving all over every bit of me down there, and I felt myself getting hard - really fast. I know she felt it too - how could she not? Her fingers were washing it!

Then she said, "Done down there. How about you just stand up for a sec."

She didn't wait for a response as she was already had my arm and was pulling up to my feet. I stood, my hands once again covering my now very hard erection pointing straight up. I'm not circumcised, and my foreskin didn't fully slip over the glands when erect. Not yet anyway as I was still sort of small.

On my feet, she immediately soaped my butt crack and ass hole. And her fingers once again slipped between my thighs to my scrotum. OMG that felt great and my erection pounded.

Her moving fingers were indicating that she wanted to get at my penis once more. My hand moved enough for her to see it.

"Can you slip your foreskin back for a sec please." She asked.

WHAT!!!!! I froze.

"That's OK - I'll do it. In a slick instant, her gentle fingers slipped my foreskin back so she could soap my little shaft. It was done in maybe 2 seconds and she was saying, "OK - you're done. Sit down and rinse and we'll get you out and to bed.

(I figured out later that my mom must have told her that I wasn't circumcised and that she was to be sure it got slipped back and washed. My mom was a fanatic about that. She often poked her head in the bathroom door to remind me to be sure to pull my foreskin back to wash under it. So it was all making sense to me now.)

"OK - you're done Ralphy. Up and out."

She held the towel open for me to step into. I did and she wrapped it around me and she began to dry me all over. Covered by the towel, I relaxed once again. She rubbed me all over. The towel coming off when she did my legs and wiener area. I was fully erect, my foreskin remained pulled back and my bright red glans pointed straight up. She was very gentle drying it as it bounced about in the process. I was going out of my mind in ways I didn't quite understand yet. But I didn't attempt to cover myself anymore. I was starting to enjoy the feeling of her seeing my full erect penis - erect because of HER!

I walked naked to my bedroom, Carolyn followed. She found my pj's in the closet and I stepped into the bottoms one foot at a time. She pulled them up and over my boner which now formed a very nice tent from inside. She slipped on my top and I jumped into bed. She gave me a kiss in the forehead, turned off the light and closed the door.

That night I really did have, sweet dreams.

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