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Boy Babysitters
Fri Apr 8, 2016 05:47

He may very well have looked between your legs but perhaps just to make sure everything was rinsed clean with no leftover soap that could cause irritation later. Same thing with washing boys, have to make sure everything is rinsed well. I would use a flat hand to splash fresh water between the legs of girls with nothning sexual about it as well as making sure that boys with a foreskin that was able to retract was pulled back to wash and rinse. It is just about doing a good job, not trying to do anything sexual.

  • boy babysitters - Kara, Thu Apr 7 00:55
    I had a boy babysitter when I was around 11. He would wash my hair at bath time and I could tell he sometimes would look between my legs
    • Boy Babysitters - FunGuy1326, Fri Apr 8 05:47
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