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Tue Sep 6, 2016 10:16

Yes, like all boys they are going to play with themselves and when you go to their room to find them there they are, pants around their ankles or completely off and playing with it. Nothing wrong with that.

  • caught - Kelly, Sun Sep 4 19:16
    Has any one ever caught the boy they were sitting playing with himself?
    • caught - melissa, Sun Jan 22 23:09
      Hi Kelly, I babysat a boy of 13 for few years and I caught him several times playing with himself. he was a little embarrassed but I always told him that it was OK and natural to masturbate
      • Caught - FunGuy1326, Mon Jan 23 07:59
        Hi Melissa, Good for you. It is definitely OK and very natural for boys to be curious and masturbate. It is also perfectly OK and natural for girls as well. In my years babysitting I have seen... more
        • Caught - Melissa, Wed Jan 25 14:11
          Hi funguy, have you taught them how to pleasure themselves? I have been asked if I was pleasuring myself and after i told him that i was, we had long talks on the issue.
    • catching a boy - Annie, Sat Sep 24 20:00
      I was almost 14 when I walked in on David , the 12 yr old boy I was sitting for plating with himself.
      • Caught - FunGuy1326, Tue Jan 24 07:58
        What did you do or say when you walked in on David? How did he react?
      • Catching A Boy - FunGuy1326, Sun Sep 25 09:01
        Hi Annie, So what did you do? What did he do? Hope you just said "Excuse me" and let him know he was not doing anything wrong. It is usually quite embarrassing for someone to be caught masturbating... more
    • Caught - FunGuy1326, Tue Sep 6 10:16
      • Caught - James, Tue May 22 01:01
        Iím older now but when my mom who was single worked as head nurse in the hospital she found student nurses to babysit me. Some were cool but a few were really strict. I was told when to bath when to... more
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