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Catching A Boy
Sun Sep 25, 2016 09:01

Hi Annie,
So what did you do? What did he do? Hope you just said "Excuse me" and let him know he was not doing anything wrong. It is usually quite embarrassing for someone to be caught masturbating or just playing with their genitals but it is a very normal part of growing up for pre teens and adolescents.

  • catching a boy - Annie, Sat Sep 24 20:00
    I was almost 14 when I walked in on David , the 12 yr old boy I was sitting for plating with himself.
    • Caught - FunGuy1326, Tue Jan 24 07:58
      What did you do or say when you walked in on David? How did he react?
    • Catching A Boy - FunGuy1326, Sun Sep 25 09:01
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