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Bathing boys
Thu Nov 24, 2016 18:09

Im a 13 year old girl and I recently started babysitting 2 boys, ages 4 and 6. Their mom wants to bathe them as well. I must admit it does turn me on a little as I wash their penises. Pulling the foreskin back and seeing the cute head pop out. I don't know if other girls out there feel the same way or not

    • Re: Bathing boys - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 20:35
      I am 13 also. I started when I was 11. I like to pull the skin back too. The little heads feel kinda rubbery. I like the color. Sometimes I move the skin up and down just to watch the tip come out. I ... more
    • Re: Bathing boys - Chrissy, Fri Feb 17 03:14
      I am a 13-year-old girl and I recently got a babysitting job where I have to pay a four-year-old boy and I loved playing with his penis bathtime is my favourite! Kik me at cwcox if you wanna talk more
      • Babysitting young boys and girls - FunGuy1326, Sun Feb 19 09:09
        Hi, I would like to talk wiuth you about your experiences babysitting but I do not have Kik. My email is the same name as on here if you want to email me.
      • Re: Bathing boys - Chrissy, Fri Feb 17 03:15
        Suppose to babysit a 4 year old boy
        • Re: Bathing boys - mandie, Sat Feb 18 10:53
          I love to babysit boys that age...they are so much fun....
          • Fun Ages - FunGuy1326, Sun Feb 19 09:02
            What do you find to be the most fun babysitting boys that age(4yo)? What age range do you prefer? Do you also enjoy babysitting girls? What ages of girls do you like? Do you like giving boys and... more
    • Bathing - Helga, Fri Dec 9 00:03
      Yay! :) I used to feel the same in your age in a similar case. At the age of 12 and till my 14 I was at boarding school (orphanage) where we girls were assigned to wash the younger children, both... more
    • Bathing Boys - FunGuy1326, Wed Nov 30 14:22
      I am much older now but babysat all through my teens. Bathing girls and boys as well as getting them in pj's for bed was just part of the job. It is a bit exciting at first but after a while is is... more
    • Boys - Mandy, Fri Nov 25 12:11
      Hi Sara, I also babysit, I am a little older than you at 16..I love bathtime and potty training them if you would like to talk you can email me
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