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My babysitters
Wed Jul 13, 2011 17:41

I have 2 brothers they are a year younger than me. Growing up we had lots of different babysitters. Some old and some young. Me and my brothers were always bathed together in a huge cast iron tub. At bathtime our sitter would take us to the bathroom and while she ran the water, we took off our clothes with help from her. Once naked she would lift us into the tub. Of course as we got older we were able to get in by ourselves but when we were young we needed help because the tub had high walls which was good because it held a lot of water. We were always allowed to play before actually getting washed. We took toys in with us. Army men, plastic ships, dinosaurs, and any other toy we got our hands on as we went to the bathroom. So our tub was full. 3 boys and their toys. It is a good thing we had concrete floors, because we spashed a lot of water onto the floor. I can remember after our baths and toweling off the towels would go down on the floor to absorb all the water. My sitter would always have us stand to be washed, one by one. Usually being the oldest I went last. With the twins sometimes one went first and sometimes the other. I don't think most of our sitters could tell which was which anyways. All of our sittters washed us the same way. Washcloth in hand they soaped it and began at the top and worked their way down. All of them whether young or old took their time around our butts and penis. I know my penis was always rubbed really good and usually more than once. After I was soaped up good I would sit back down and she would begin rinsing me off, and then I would stand again and she would rub me down rinsing again as she went using only her hand. I can remember the feeling of her fingers rubbing my penis during this last rinsing. I enjoyed it alot. When I was young it just felt good and I always hoped she would rub there more. As I got older I began getting what she called stiffies. That was the term for erections that all my sitters used. Once I started getting erections they spent more time washing that part of my body and I didn't mind one bit. I was bathed this way until I was 12 years old. By that time it was getting crowded in the tub so I would take my bath seperate from my brothers. My sitter would still come in and help me bathe. Like I said I enjoyed being touched by them, so I didnt care that I was getting to old to have a babysitter wash me. Jamal

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