Professor Jonathan W. Oak
Guess water you doing today? {4-5 years}
Thu Jun 13, 2013 18:30

It was a glorious day when he found out that his fellow co-worker, Phillpot, was retiring. No not because he despised him, but because he knew that he was one of the teachers next qualified for the job: Spellwork, which was a combination of transfiguration and charms. He immediately took the job when Headmaster Abbadi offered it to him and he was happy to say that he got a pay increase as well. Lovely.

It was a bit nerve-wrecking to teach a different class, as was teaching foretelling arts for the first time, however he was happy to try new things and was sure that he'd do fine. The kids, well the normal ones at least would love the lesson that he had planned today, especially with the heat in the Quidditch Pitch. He smirked as he made it inside his new classroom about an hour and a half early: this way he'd have time to work on the environment without being bothered by the kids. He clapped his hands together and pulled out his wand. Work had begun.

Almost immediately the brunette changed the classroom to imitate a large deluxe park: one with a playground, a lake, and a humongous grassy field. After adding a few trees here and there he summoned the many things he brought for this superfun lesson. First of all were the inflatable pools (where kids got extra credit if they could enlarge them), the floaties (for the ones who couldn't swim) and the barrels full of bathing suits. There were two barrels (one for each gender) for the students who had forgotten his instructions the day prior when he left announcements for all the houses. It instructed that 4-5 years that were taking spellwork would be required to bring school appropriate bathing suits the first class of the term due to the special lesson that would take place. If anybody forgot to bring their swimwear, then the punishment would be the replacements that Jon had prepared before hand.

He had bought one pair of boy shorts as well as girl top and bottoms and had duplicated them to have a class set. He had charmed them so that the boys' were pink with red hearts bedazzled into the seems and the girl's were deep blue with flaming wheels in the background. He also made them a variety of sizes so that anybody could wear them.

He also had muggle carnival games where the student had to aim water at a target, and whoever got their tank full first won a prize (Jon would charm muggle appliances so they worked, or another charm related request the winner wanted). With a wave of his wand, his clothes transformed themselves into a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of khakis shorts. Excellent.

He turned to the door where students had already begun walking in, amazed at the classroom's transfiguration. He waited until all the students walked in, closed the door with a swish of his wand, cleared his throat and began. "Alright you all, if you don't know me yet my name is Professor Jonathan Oak. I am your new Spellwork instructor with the leave of Professor Philpott, who I've heard taught you many many things. I was the Foretelling Arts teacher for two terms and they have decided to give me this job instead. I must tell anybody who had my class before that I have not changed and hope that my classes are as much fun to me as to you. Now then! What we have here-" he waved his hands all around the enlarged room. "Is your lesson.

"Today we are learning the incantations Aguamenti, Impervioius, and Aqua Recto. These spells (in order) shoot water, deflect water, as well as control a stream of water. These could be helpful in many risky situations like fires. Note that these spells have little to no effect on more serious cases, like Fiend Fire. Now, you can also see that we have pools, carnival games, and a lake. The lake is there if anyone would like a good swim, however that is after the lesson. The pools are baby pools, as you can see, and extra credit will go to the students who are able to enlarge them with a certain spell that most of you should now. You should also be able, or are going to learn how to fill the pools up with aguamenti, like so."

He pointed his wand to one of the larger pools that he had already enlarged and shouted "Aguamenti!" until the pool had completely filled it self. Now for the more advanced students you will be able to put Aqua Recto to use in the carnival games over there. The point is to control the stream of water at a certain spot, which will fill up tanks. The first one to fill up the tank will win a prize from yours truly!"

"To the people who want to use Aguamenti in combat, you will be able to duel each other using only Aguamenti and Impervious. You should be able to strike as well as deflect water. Alright luvvs, on to work! Chop chop!"

OOC: Hi guys, hope your characters will enjoy Jon's special class today. If any of your characters need help, or have questions don't be afraid to tag John. And if you guys can write your characters name with their house like so: Bastian Beastly, Aquila, I'd be one happy duck! Normal posting conditions (400 words or 15 sentences) and happy posting!

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    • OOCProfessor Jonathan W. Oak, Fri Jun 14 09:34
      I totally forgot to mention that if you characters forgot to bring their swim suits, or you just want to be diabolical and see your male character in pink shorts with hearts ( ;) ) then you can... more
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