Riley Finn
...*chuckles* I have a few answers.
Mon Jun 17, 2013 13:07

Riley was happy to be a fifth year, he had a smaller course load than even last term. He had dropped intro to healing, right now he was focusing on Spellwork, Potions, Herbology, and of course Cultural Studies. He entered the Spellwork classroom a bit saddened that Phillpot had left but was glad to see the new Professor was just as happy to be teaching it. Riley was humming some random song as he took off his blue t-shirt. He had only worn the blue shirt, and a pair of black cargo shorts.

His curly hair that was usually charmed into place was a messy bed head, and he hadn’t shaved in a few days so he had a slight shadow of a beard showing through. The best part of being older was it wasn’t hard to look the part of being a normal straight guy, especially while walking around without a t-shirt.

Riley listened to Oak and nodded when the Professor told them what they would be doing. Once they were allowed to set to work Riley went to grab a baby pool but was soon facing down a wand. Riley looked over at the girl, the transfer. She wouldn’t know Riley’s reputation of being gay, and instead of jumping into a relationship with Tille right away maybe it would be best if he looked at the rest of the girls at RMI.

Riley blinked when he realized the girl had told him to draw his wand, or to stick ‘em up in order forfeit. Riley grinned as he drew his wand. Jonas had taught him how to duel in his second year after being attacked by Nicolas Edwards and ever since every summer Jonas and he would duel. Some of Jonas’ wizard friends and his wife would help out too. Even Sebastian had dueled sometimes when they had been together.

“I should warn you, Mademoiselle, I’m a fairly provient dueler and I will not go easy on you just because you are a female.” he said holding out his wand. He grinned at her and winked. “If you’d prefer you could stick them up and then we can sneak outa here.”

  • Guess water I'd rather be doing today?Serafina Dubois (Draco), Fri Jun 14 22:34
    Finn wasn’t sure if it was because she was re-taking fourth year, or because the European magic schools just moved at a different pace than their American counterparts, but so far she had found... more
    • ...*chuckles* I have a few answers. — Riley Finn, Mon Jun 17 13:07
      • Only a few? There are many alternatives!Finn, Mon Jun 17 21:32
        Judging by his grin, the boy she had randomly accosted seemed game for a duel. She had to snicker at his proclamation and shook her head at him warningly. “Au contraire; I would be highly offended if ... more
        • Well name some then!Riley , Sat Jun 22 00:10
          Riley laughed when the girl told him she would be offended if he went easy on her. That was the type of person Riley liked to have as a friend. Riley had plenty of friends who were biologically one... more
          • How about sleeping? Sleep is good.Finn, Sat Jun 22 21:53
            Darn, the boy had avoided her jet! Mildly disappointment, Finn wrinkled her nose, though her blue eyes remained intent behind their thick lenses as she watched him repel the jet of water. She wasn’t... more
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