Only a few? There are many alternatives!
Mon Jun 17, 2013 21:32

Judging by his grin, the boy she had randomly accosted seemed game for a duel. She had to snicker at his proclamation and shook her head at him warningly. “Au contraire; I would be highly offended if you went easy on me.” The whole idea that females were weaker and had to be treated as such was an offensive idea in itself. Finn was not weak by any definition of the word. She was any man’s equal, and if a male was foolish enough to handle her gently just because she happened to have two X chromosomes, well, that was his mistake. That whole weak-female thing was, frankly, getting rather old, and she was tired of such a sexist perspective. The day that people snapped out of it and realized a woman could do anything a man could do really couldn’t come soon enough for her!

Unfortunately, traditional Pureblood society wasn’t helping out her cause very well. Her grandmère liked to go on and on about it, recounting stories of how all the females in her family had been betrothed by the age of thirteen, raised under proper tutors with formal etiquette lessons and the like – and then she had the gall to make Finn do physical labour every day in the gardens, the hypocrite. But the halfblooded Finn wasn’t exactly her grandmère’s ideal girl, not in blood type or looks or attitude, so in that context, she supposed it made sense that she was handled more like a boy. It was annoying sometimes and yet still definitely nicer than being petted and carried around wrapped in layers of skirts like a glass doll.

“Sneaking out would be fun,” she replied with a nod. “However, if the only way to do that is by forfeiting, then I’m afraid we’ll just have to fight it out, hun, because I don’t forfeit.” This last part was said rather firmly, the decision having been made from the moment she had first drawn her wand. She could’ve levelled her wand at absolutely anyone, from a firstie to a master dueller, and her reaction would have been the same. She preferred to play on the offensive, enjoyed jumping straight into situations without wasting time second-guessing herself, and once engaged (or once engaging someone else, as it were), Finn did not back down. Studying the boy opposite her carefully, she gave him a slight bow and took the appropriate number of steps back, keeping her wand pointed at him the entire time. “The name’s Finn Dubois, and may the best man win. Aguamenti!” she snapped suddenly, a jet of water rushing out of her wand tip.

  • ...*chuckles* I have a few answers. Riley Finn, Mon Jun 17 13:07
    Riley was happy to be a fifth year, he had a smaller course load than even last term. He had dropped intro to healing, right now he was focusing on Spellwork, Potions, Herbology, and of course... more
    • Only a few? There are many alternatives! — Finn, Mon Jun 17 21:32
      • Well name some then!Riley , Sat Jun 22 00:10
        Riley laughed when the girl told him she would be offended if he went easy on her. That was the type of person Riley liked to have as a friend. Riley had plenty of friends who were biologically one... more
        • How about sleeping? Sleep is good.Finn, Sat Jun 22 21:53
          Darn, the boy had avoided her jet! Mildly disappointment, Finn wrinkled her nose, though her blue eyes remained intent behind their thick lenses as she watched him repel the jet of water. She wasn’t... more
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