Well name some then!
Sat Jun 22, 2013 00:10

Riley laughed when the girl told him she would be offended if he went easy on her. That was the type of person Riley liked to have as a friend. Riley had plenty of friends who were biologically one gender but felt more like the opposite, and some actually didn’t feel like any gender. So knowing that the girl wasn’t into gender stereotypes was a really cool thing. Riley frowned after a moment, if he was straight did that mean he could no longer hang out at the LGTB center? Did that mean he’d lose Alex as his best friend.

When the girl said sneaking out would be fun but she didn’t want to forfeit, Riley chuckled. He was about to say that they could just duel out in the Rec Center, or even in the hallways but the girl then introduced herself, called out the normal may the best man win thing and shot water at him.

Riley dodged the water and jumped back. “Impervious!” he called back to her as he watched the water drop to the floor. “Aguamenti!” He then said hurriedly. “I’m Riley Finn by the way.”

“Also having only two spells is a serious waste of my dueling abilities. What do you say we break a few rules and add a few more spells in?” He asked as he kept moving so the girl couldn’t get the drop on him.

  • Only a few? There are many alternatives!Finn, Mon Jun 17 21:32
    Judging by his grin, the boy she had randomly accosted seemed game for a duel. She had to snicker at his proclamation and shook her head at him warningly. “Au contraire; I would be highly offended if ... more
    • Well name some then! — Riley , Sat Jun 22 00:10
      • How about sleeping? Sleep is good.Finn, Sat Jun 22 21:53
        Darn, the boy had avoided her jet! Mildly disappointment, Finn wrinkled her nose, though her blue eyes remained intent behind their thick lenses as she watched him repel the jet of water. She wasn’t... more
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