Professor Jonathan W. Oak
Alohomora's are cool. {1-3 years}
Mon Jul 15, 2013 22:47

To be honest, Jon didn't like classes with the younger students, because he had to think a way to make basic spells fun. Why did it have to be fun? Because it was all worth it to see their faces of joy when they got the spell down-oh and because his spellwork teacher was super fun as well; it was a sort of legacy he was continuing. So on that note he put a smile on his face as he walked into his classroom which he was to change once again. With a little concentration, fancy handwork, and a few waves and jabs of his wand, the room transformed it self into a darkly lit room with several different corridors leading all to different doors, all of them hiding different challenges that the students would have to accomplish to get pass the room.

It took a good hour and a half of Jon running through dark, cobwebby halls, along with a whole bunch of wand waving, but by the end Jon had finished over a about 50 rooms with basic spellwork challenges. He got lost for a few minutes, but quickly found his way to find a whole bunch of kids waiting for him in the main dungeon.

"Oh Merlin, you guys came before I got back, wow that's embarrassing. Okay! (Then) Welcome back to spellwork where the fun never stops! My name is Professor Oak and I'll be your guide today," he joked. "Today class you will be performing the Alohomora charm, more commonly knows as the unlocking spell. It was first used in the West by a sneaky bloke by the name of Eldon Eriskle who used it to break into houses, both muggle and wizard, until they invented the anti-charm, and steal a variety of things. It was originally from Africa. Now, you lot! Today you will be adventuring in pairs of twos and threes through different rooms, all that have different challenges for everyone." he took a breath so that everybody could process what he said.

"The point of today's class is for all of you to master the Alohomora charm as well as practice what you've been learning for the past few months. You may have your textbook, however there is a time limit of thirty minutes! Ones who arrive past the time limit will have to write a 7 and a half inch of parchment on how the Alohomora charm affected the 15th century and its how its use has grown more popular since then.

"Now, come on, all of you! Get into groups and get going that the time starts-" he snapped his fingers and a magical timer appeared above his head. "Now."

OOC:Hi Guys, sorry for the wait I hope that your characters enjoy Jon's class! Regular posting rules, 200 words/20 sentences blah blah blah. Feel free to use your imagination about what's in the room (some ideas are a fire that needs to be put out with aguamenti, or a dark room that need lumos). They need to use Alohomora when the challenge has been achieved. Thanks and have fun!

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