Substitute Adisynne Leppit
Pin the tail on the donkey! [1st-3rd years]
Mon Sep 23, 2013 22:04

“Sup?” Addi greeted the inflowing underclassmen. She probably wasn’t exactly who they would expect to see in a Spellwork classroom, that honor belonging to someone with, like, a teaching degree, but here she was. Yes, sometimes she did stuff outside the theatre, as shocking as it could have seemed. “Sit wherever the roster will have you, because I don’t know all your names.” From being their schoolmate, she pretty much knew all the third years and some of the second years, but the only firsties she knew were the ones in Grease.

“Cool,” the strawberry blonde grinned once everyone was seated. She took attendance—a tedious and boring process, really—and then gave the typical spiel. “So I figure most of you know who I am, but for the rest of you, I’m Adisynne Leppit. Usually I’m the show director, but today I’m your substitute professor. You don’t have to actually call me ‘professor’, though. It’s not a big deal.”

Really, she was rather proud of herself playing substitute. The lesson she intended to teach today was one she herself had sat through, back when RMI had Charms taught by Professor Ward Rosse. That dude was way cool. “Today we’re going to go over the spell Obscuro.” As she spoke, floating chalk scribbled the incantation onto the board. “Does anybody want to volunteer to be demonstrated on? I promise it won’t hurt or anything. How about you, Mikey?” He was the first familiar face her blue eyes fell upon, and grudgingly he stood up and walked to the front of the class.

“Ready?” she ensured. “Obscuro!” A thick black cloth formed over his eyes, leaving him unable to see anything. “See? Well, Mikey here can’t, but the rest of us can. The way to end the spell, by the way, is Finite. That’s sort of important.” She cancelled the spell, “Finite” appearing on the board accompanied by a pronunciation (fin-ee-tay). “Great job, kid. Have a seat.”

Addi blinked, returning her wand to her pocket and her hands settling on her distended stomach. Man, this kid is making me fat, she mused silently for a moment. “Oh,” she uttered just as she remembered. “You probably noticed those little rag things on your desks. You may or may not have also noticed the picture of a donkey on the wall over there. That’s how this gets fun! Practice Obscuro on either a partner or yourself, and you can play Pin the Tail on the Donkey!” Professor Rosse had done it with a unicorn, but Adisynne felt like returning to the classics.

“That’s all I got for you,” confessed the Lyra alumna. “Hop to it and have some fun. I’m sure you can find me if you need me. I’m pretty hard to miss.” With that, she waddled ventured behind the professor desk and seated herself in the professor chair, enjoying the view from this side of it and feeling like a big-shot.

OOC: Hey there, everybody! Let’s see some quality, rule following posts. 200 words or more, no godmodding, etc. Break the rules and Addi might have to sit on you. If you need her, though, feel free to tag her. Also, you should totally be darlings and include your House in your author line like this: Michael Lawrence, Jr. [Aquila]. This lesson is borrowed from an old Charms class by Ward Rosse and all credit thus belongs to his former author.

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