Substitute Professor Bailey Shepard
(This title is invisible) [6th-7th Years]
Tue Oct 15, 2013 09:09

Of all the diverse and unique classes RMI had to offer, Spellwork was perhaps Bailey's least favorite to substitute. Jon was her friend, and she missed him when he was not around, so substituting for his class was not particularly fun. Still, it was at least a decent course, one she was not certified to teach on a regular basis but her administrative responsibilities (and degree) would certainly enabled her to stand in for even the more advanced lessons.

"Welcome, everybody," she greeted the incoming teenagers. "Everybody get seated now. If you have assigned seats, I expect you to be in them." Generally that sort of rule was for attendance purposes, and although the blonde knew essentially all of the students--excluding perhaps a first or second year here and there--it was good to maintain structure, she felt.

"Today, we'll be working on the Disillusionment Charm," Bailey stated. Disillusionment Charm: Velieris non ostendo. appeared on the board behind her as she spoke. "Now, Disillusioning is not as complete an invisibility as an invisibility cloak would provide, but it's a pretty excellent substitute. The better you do it, however, it can get rather close, but the weaker the spell, the easier it is to detect the object or person using it."

"Watch: Velieris non ostendo." Bailey produced her wand and tapped herself on top of the head, and almost fog-like, she began to disappear. Her final form was detectable if searched for, but she was overall quite proud of her demonstration. "Doing it sort of feels like somebody dumped a cup of water over you," she explained. "Notice how you can, to some degree, still see me. I'm not invisible; this spell just makes me transparent." The words Transparent, not invisible scribbled themselves below the incantation on the board.

Bailey cancelled the spell and returned to plain sight. "I'd like you to try it now. You can test it on objects you have, or on yourselves or a partner. You know where to find me if you need me, so go ahead!" With that, the Deputy Headmistress resigned herself to Jon's desk and chair, feeling unsettled by the fact that she was there and not him.

OOC: Credit to former Magical Sciences and former-former Charms professor Ward Rosse for the lesson idea. Students, you all know the rules by this point. I want 200-250 word posts without godmodding and with your best grammar. If you need anything, be sure to tag Bailey, and it'd be awesome if you put your House in your author box like so: Ika Blackburn [Draco]. Have fun!

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