Professor M. Clarke
Starting afresh [Years 1-3]
Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:23

It wasn’t very often that Mary-Louise Clarke felt nervous however when some started a new job it was, in her opinion, only a natural reaction. Before this term she had been a Librarian and she liked to think she was a rather good one too. Now however she had given up her kneazles and beloved books to become a professor. It wasn’t an area she had much experience in although teaching Spellwork was an excellent opportunity and not one you could turn down lightly. After literature her next great love was charms, a subject she had studied extensively at university. Therefore she did not think herself entirely unqualified just a little out of her comfort zone.

On Mary-Louise’s first day back at work her daughter, Eileen, had presented her with a mug. The gift was adorned with a smiling apple and the inscription, “World’s Best Teacher!” Secretly she thought David was behind the gesture but of course she had thanked Eileen extensively and the little girl had grinned up at her proudly cheeks tinged a bright red. The Professor was drinking warm coffee out of it now as she sat in her chair patiently awaiting her beginners class. It was to be their first lesson together and so she didn’t have anything particularly hard planned for them today. Nothing too fun either of course. If she started with the fun stuff they might begin to view her class as a time for mucking around and so she planned to save those lessons for special occasions.

However, the thirtysomething, didn’t want their work environment to be too drab and had spread some colourful potted plants throughout the room. In one corner sat an old battered wireless which if she was in a good mood she might let them entertain themselves with and on her own desk sat a few photographs of her daughter,parents and older sisters. One was tilted too much to the left compared to the others and she impulsively reached out to straighten it. It was as she was busying herself with this task that the first few students began to trickle in. She waited precisely three minutes to give the first years a chance to find their way to class before finally beginning.

Still seated, Clarke tapped the wooden surface of her desk with her wand, silence then descended and she opened her mouth to talk. “To all the new faces it’s great to meet you and to all the old ones it’s lovely to see you again. Most of you will know me as either the previous librarian or Lyra’s new head of house but for those of you who don’t I am Professor Clarke and if you haven’t guessed already, I’ll be the one teaching you Spellwork this term.”

She liked to think that last term she had given the older students the right impression and immediately they would respect her. Although one never could be too sure with teenagers and some of them were more troublesome than others.

“Transfiguration and Charms, some of the most useful magic you will ever learn. This is magic that you will use every single day of your lives but that does not make it easy. If anything it only makes it all the more important that you pay attention in this class if you intend to function properly as an independent adult. I’m sure some of you already know what I’m talking about. Now summer is over you have left your parents behind, possibly for the first time, and can not rely on them to pick up after you anymore. So I suggest you work hard in class today because the charm I’m about to teach you will come in quite handy in the next few weeks and months.”

For the older students today’s should be a relatively simple task but she hoped they would be willing to help out the younger ones. Flicking her wand Mary-Louise watched as a cardboard box floating up from behind her and settled on the desk. Inside was an array of objects ranging from a blackened sock to a pair of dirt encrusted boats and an old cauldron. “The Scourging Charm is a very helpful household spell which I am sure some of you are acquainted with. But if you would allow me to demonstrate...”

Pulling out a stained tea towel she held it up for everyone to see and with her wand hand made a smooth sinuous motion while simultaneously clearly voicing the incantation, “Scourgify.” The yellow stain vanished immediately.

“Simple enough don’t you think? I’m sure you’re all ready to take a stab at it so line up and grab a couple of items from the box and I’ll assign you your homework at the end of class.”

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    • Clean Sweep... Or... NotBrielle Hawkins [Aquila], Tue Nov 26 12:15
      "Spellwork," Brielle read off her schedule as she walked through the corridors of RMI. She kept to herself as she passed unfamiliar faces, but she knew she'd have to branch out eventually and make... more
      • Never fear.. help is here!Cora Procella [Aquila], Tue Nov 26 15:13
        Cora had managed to get to her Spellwork class without getting lost at all! Well, maybe only once.. or twice. But the point was she made it there on time! She grabbed the first item she saw from the... more
        • Help at Last!Brielle Hawkins [Aquila], Tue Nov 26 16:51
          [OOC: That's quite alright!] "Of course!" the other witch said cheerfully and with a smile, "I'd be happy to help!" Brielle's eyes flickered from the floor to the other girl, who she noticed was also ... more
          • Anything to help a fellow AquilaCora Procella [Aquila], Wed Nov 27 00:07
            Scourgify, the auburn-haired girl tried, but the stain only got deeper and stronger. Cora was perplexed, but then distracted when the girl-Brielle- asked her name. "My name is Cora... Procella." Cora ... more
            • Hey thereMeci Bandipudi [Aquila], Wed Nov 27 21:36
              Meci entered the spellwork class, late as usual. But she didn’t care; getting a detention would not hurt her. She surveyed the classroom to get a sense of what was going on. Meci saw that people were ... more
              • Hello thereBrielle Hawkins [Aquila], Thu Nov 28 09:09
                "Would you like some help?" The newly approached girl, Meci, asked them. Brielle looked at Cora and shrugged, thinking that maybe this witch would be able to solve the riddle of the stain. "We... more
                • Maybe she can helpCora Procella [Aquila], Thu Nov 28 15:17
                  It seemed that as soon as Cora suggested they ask someone for help, help came. Well, that is help came as long as this girl-Meci could help, which, at the time, was still undetermined. Cora watched... more
                  • Sure thing Meci [Aquila], Thu Nov 28 19:08
                    Meci waited and watched as one of the girls got up to go somewhere. She thought that she was getting the professor, but alas, she was only getting another jersey. Perhaps this time they would have... more
                    • I'm gonna need a shower... StatBrielle Hawkins [Aquila], Sat Nov 30 22:46
                      "So," Brielle responded, practicing the motion before actually going into the spell, "like that?" She did the motion one more time for Meci's sake, then moved onto the cloth without waiting for... more
                      • Awww poor BrielleCora Procella [Aquila], Sun Dec 1 13:22
                        Cora giggled as Brielle got hit in the face by a jet of purple liquid, spewed from a stain. Was it rude to giggle? Probably. Well, actually, it was most definitely rude. Cora tried to shut up... more
                        • A little help here...?Brielle Hawkins [Aquila], Mon Dec 9 11:46
                          Usually this is when someone offers to help clean this up with me, Brielle thought as she knelt on her hands and knees, still covered in the gook from the explosion. On the other hand, she thought... more
                          • I Tried...Meci Bandipudi [aquila], Sat Dec 14 18:21
                            Meci tried to contain her smirk as she saw a messy Brielle covered in slop. However, seeing Brielle struggling to clean up without further creating a mess, filled her up with guilt. It was partially... more
                            • Yay... more practice...Cora Procella [Aquila], Mon Dec 30 22:27
                              "Yay... More practice.." Cora muttered under her breath sarcastically. She had gotten the hang of it until Meci and this stubborn stain made her feel like an idiot. Cora did not like feeling, or... more
                              • Clearly, I need itBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Thu Jan 2 11:02
                                Brielle glowered at her disgusting robes, which were now beginning to dry with a crusty purple finish to them. She rolled her eyes and began to cast the scourging charm at the ground, the desk, the... more
                                • I'M SO SORRY!! Meci Bandipudi[Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:10
                                  “I’m sorry guys!” Meci stammered. She did not expect her little technique to cause this much trouble. Nevertheless, she stayed back and helped Brielle and Cora clean up as Brielle’s robes took on a... more
                                  • Well, one good thing came from thisBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sun Jan 5 16:02
                                    "I'm sorry guys!" Brielle eyed Meci as the three girls finished cleaning the mess up. She wished she could go back to the Common Room to change into her spare robes, yet she knew she had to wait... more
                                  • I don't think we are getting in trouble Cora Procella [Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:51
                                    Cora looked at the two of them in surprise, "First off, I don't think we are getting in trouble.. I mean look, we are pretty much already cleaned up and the teacher hasn't noticed," Cora lowered her... more
    • These boots are made for cleanin’Copeland Henkes [Cetus], Mon Nov 25 23:06
      The goal was “learn magic,” and Spellwork seemed like it taught the most useful kind of magic, so Cope dutifully tried to read his textbook and pay attention in class. The book was still dense and he ... more
    • Isn't this what house elves are for?Aviynne Bloom [Aquila], Sat Nov 23 23:02
      Aviynne sat in her Spellwork class, waiting for the rest of her classmates to arrive. She was often one of the first to arrive to her classes, making sure that she was prompt and fully prepared. She... more
      • Isn't this what house elves are for?Luke Calloway [Lyra], Sun Nov 24 17:50
        “Ah, spellwork” The first year muttered to himself as he wandered into the classroom. Being three late certainly had been interesting; he had received a few curious looks from the students in the... more
        • That's what I said.Aviynne, Sun Nov 24 21:02
          “I said,” the boy had raised his voice, causing Aviynne to subtly roll her eyes. “Isn’t this what house elves are for?” Aviynne practically whipped her head back around to look at the boy. She hadn’t ... more
          • Glad I'm not aloneLuke Calloway [Lyra], Mon Nov 25 10:40
            Luke lazily nodded his head in agreement. It had taken a few frustrating minutes to get the spell under control, but he had gotten it to work… more or less. He dully motioned his wand to a scarf on... more
    • Late…!!!Cara Amerina [Lyra] , Wed Nov 20 21:56
      Cara rushed up to the door and bolted inside. Darn. She was late. She was sure everyone must be staring at her. After all, she was probably the only one late. She started blushing and put her head... more
      • The dubious hat of mysterious origins.Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Thu Nov 21 22:10
        Beka Hiemer looked at the very dirty hat sitting in front of her. She was trying to determine exactly what color it was. She couldn't tell. The well-lit classroom was a perfect place to practice... more
        • Lets work on your casting skills.Rosemary Stark [lyra], Sun Nov 24 18:12
          Rosemary wasn't technically late, but she was pretty close to being so. She felt a smile form on her face. It was so exciting, to finally be learning how to use magic. She was honestly unable to... more
          • Oh dear, what have we here? Professor M. Clarke, Mon Nov 25 14:46
            Mary-Louise had been enjoying a nice crisp sandwich while flicking through the newspaper. She felt content with the knowledge that nothing bad could happen to the young ones. In general she felt as... more
            • An interesting turn of eventsCara, Sun Dec 1 21:56
              Cara was just sitting there, somehow excelling at this spell, when she suddenly heard someone. She turned to look at the girl next to her after she heard her cry for help. She started to say... more
              • That it was!Beka Hiemer, Tue Dec 3 12:16
                Beka smiled, her breath slightly catching as an aftereffect of the excitement of the fire, and turned to look at Rosemary and the other girl sitting in front of her. "Hey Rosemary," she said... more
    • Going on a Treasure HuntKašpar Szyszko (Aquila), Wed Nov 20 19:33
      Kašpar ran into class late, as usual, robes slipping off his shoulder and shoes untied, the laces flapping frenetically around his ankle. He bodily leapt into a desk and only barely managed to stop... more
      • Watch where you throw that stuff!Arnold Bittleby [Cetus], Wed Nov 20 21:20
        After wandering around hopelessly for about ten minutes, Arnold had finally managed to locate the Spellwork classroom. It would have been a lot easier if he had just asked someone, but he didn’t want ... more
        • I'm sorry; it's just so exciting!Kašpar , Thu Nov 21 12:00
          Blinking at the apathetic reaction from the boy standing behind him, Kašpar’s blonde eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “Vhy are you not being egg-site-ing? Zhis ees fun ,” he repeated, nodding ... more
          • If you say so!Arnold (Cetus), Thu Nov 21 17:46
            The blond boy in front of Arnold honestly seemed completely unaware of what was going on. In the time that Arnold had taken to ask his question, the other boy had also been able to find a repulsively ... more
            • Well yes, I'm always rightKašpar, Fri Nov 22 21:06
              Very carefully placing the results of his treasure hunt down on the desk, the plate settling against his still-unopened textbook with a clink , the blonde turned his attention to the notes that his... more
              • Of course you areArnold (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 14:28
                After listening to a mini-lecture on dragons and treasure, Arnold couldn’t help but chuckle as the other boy tried to pronounce the charm. His partner was truly interesting. He wasn’t sure if his... more
    • Is this blood?Astien Badeaux , Tue Nov 19 19:25
      Astien stared intently at the scarf that lay before him on the desk. He was fairly certain that the sky blue article of clothing was stained with blood. Of course, it could also be ketchup. Or... more
      • Of course it's blood!Safire Hathaway, Wed Nov 20 14:24
        The first class of the year was rather boring. Safire didn’t enjoy it as much as she could have. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the teacher.. OK, maybe it was. She didn’t enjoy that her Head of House ... more
        • I was afraid of thatAstien Badeaux [Draco], Wed Nov 20 15:33
          “You do know you just cleared blood away from the scarf, right?” Astien turned to the girl sitting next to him and noted the smirk currently sprawled across her lips. Was she joking with him in a... more
          • Good, because it's trueSafire [Lyra], Wed Nov 20 23:00
            “Perhaps you should clean that up. If you don’t annihilate the evidence… well, she must get the blood from somewhere, eh?” Safire’s smirk grew as she listened to his words. However, before she could... more
            • That is wonderful to knowAstien Badeaux [draco], Wed Nov 20 23:28
              Astien sat calmly as she turned to him and snarled. He was quite surprised that she didn’t burst a blood vessel with the raw, condensed rage he felt within her voice. Now that was some killing intent ... more
              • I'm glad you think soSafire, Wed Nov 20 23:53
                Safire took a deep, frustrated, breath. If she was a dragon she’d probably have burned everything in her path by now. Which, ironically, was what the name the Aofie wrote, implided. A Fire “You’re... more
                • I have seen death, and it is SaffireAstien Badeaux [Draco], Thu Nov 21 00:13
                  Oh dear, he seemed to have ignited a fury that was unstoppable. He saw a deep, dark rage within those blue eyes of her, he could sense the raw, unadulterated fury directed to one sole point in the... more
    • The mysterious sock Emily Wiggins [Cetus], Tue Nov 19 14:21
      Emily sighed as she stared up at the ceiling. Instead of going to breakfast, the first year Cetus had decided to stay in bed. Her nerves had caused her to lose her appetite. Today was the start of... more
      • And the suspect scarfKrystal Baitman, Tue Nov 19 17:35
        Krystal was managing to get to her first classes of the term more or less on time. She wasn't much of a morning person but sharing a room made it hard to sleep in. She'd adopted the strategy of... more
        • And the mystery is unveiled Emily, Wed Nov 20 20:56
          “How do you get it to do stuff?” Emily glanced over at the girl next to her, who was trying to clean a scarf. She didn’t know her neighbor, which meant that she wasn’t in Cetus. Emily briefly... more
          • Is it?Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Thu Nov 21 11:14
            Krystal tried to emulate the way the other girl moved her wand, wondering whether it could really matter that much. And, even if she copied that, and said the word right, it still felt just like... more
            • Re: Is it?Anonymous, Thu Nov 21 11:40
              Emily frowned when Krystal introduced herself. She didn't seem particularly pleased to meet her. Maybe she should have been more humble when she got the charm to work. Then again, humility had never... more
              • Showing some interestKrystal Baitman [Aquila], Thu Nov 28 08:08
                God, the girl could ramble on... Krystal really didn't want to do any more, it was all just stupid. At least Emily wasn't being horrid about it. It didn't seem like she was going to just let Krystal... more
                • There you go!Emily (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 14:42
                  As Emily stared at her bowl, she pondered Krystal’s question. Why did she care? It would be just as easy to let the girl do whatever she wanted. If she wanted to give up, it wouldn’t affect Emily... more
                  • Do I?Krystal, Mon Dec 2 09:58
                    “Nah, it don't,” Krystal reassured Emily, when she said her desire to help people sounded lame. She had had a good handful of people telling her that they wanted to help in her life. Social workers.... more
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