Krystal Baitman
And the suspect scarf
Tue Nov 19, 2013 17:35

Krystal was managing to get to her first classes of the term more or less on time. She wasn't much of a morning person but sharing a room made it hard to sleep in. She'd adopted the strategy of following people to make sure she found her way and thus her punctuality depended on how much they dawdled, or how lost they got. She arrived on time to spellwork and took a seat.

She thought she might like this class, as much as liking class was possible. It was proper magic, with a wand and stuff and that sounded like it might be quite cool. She also thought it might not involve much writing, and she'd always been better at practical stuff. She even had most of what she needed. Her mum had been granted a hardship fund to help with Krystal's school supplies but only a bit of it had found its way to being spent on that. Her mother had argued that she didn't really need copies of all the books, and that school potion cupboards were always well stocked with supplies. Krystal had been inclined to agree with her. She'd also been acutely aware that money, in their house, seemed to have a habit of vanishing before managed to turn into essential things, like groceries and paying heating bills. On the one hand, this made her feel selfish for every penny that was spent on school stuff. On the other, she had no illusions that it was going to spent responsibly once it got changed to Muggle money... A wand though, a new one of her own, had been unarguable. Uniform had been harder. Her mum had wanted to check out second hand shops. Luckily, silver was an unusual colour, and Krystal's insistence that grey was not the same thing and that everyone would laugh at her had been enough to persuade her mum to part with the money. To give her mother credit, when she thought it was something that Krystal really wanted, she wouldn't deny her it. She didn't want her daughter to be unhappy or go without. It was why, at an early age, Krystal had learnt to stop asking for things. She'd realised the association between her mother giving into her whims and the lack of proper food in the cupboards. The latter then just pushed her mother into feeling guilty for being a bad parent, and thus more inclined to blow money on big gestures to make up for it, leading back around in a vicious circle. Money being spent on her wasn't the whole problem of course but she didn't want to even be part of it. Krystal had felt bad putting her foot down over school stuff but she did really need it, and the money was extra they'd been given, so it wasn't like her mum was going to be poorer for buying it.

Krystal listened, more or less, to the lecture, not taking notes. She was pleased when Miss Clarke didn't make them refer to a textbook. She'd spent the morning pretending that she'd forgotten hers whenever it came up. She thought people had believed her but she'd have to look into borrowing library copies, or they'd start to get suspicious. She wrinkled her nose as she took a scarf that looked like it had had a mug of coffee spilt over it out of the box. It wasn't like her house was exactly super clean but other people's dirt, when you didn't know what it was, was gross.

She picked up her wand and felt more than a little ridiculous. She was just supposed to point this and have it work? She didn't really feel like she knew how to get that to happen. She had grown up knowing that magic was real but had never seen that much of it. They lived in a Muggle neighbourhood, so big, flash magic was way out but, even around the house, her mum just didn't seem to do it much. Her mum didn't do a lot of anything, to be fair. It wasn't necessarily anything against magic, although she definitely hadn't enjoyed her school days.

“Scourgify?” Krystal tried, vaugely waggling her wand at the scarf. Nothing happened. “How do you get it to do stuff?” she asked her neighbour.

OOC – according to the class schedule, this class is at 1pm (we're the blue highlighting) which is why I talked about it being afternoon even though you'd implied it was morning, otherwise I wouldn't have contradicted you. Hope that's ok.

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