Safire Hathaway
Of course it's blood!
Wed Nov 20, 2013 14:24

The first class of the year was rather boring. Safire didn’t enjoy it as much as she could have. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the teacher.. OK, maybe it was. She didn’t enjoy that her Head of House was former librarian and a Spellworks professor. Was it too much to ask for someone who didn’t also teach a class nor worked here prior to getting their said position? If they went to the school, that’d be something different.

She thought that if the person was going to be the Head of House, then that should be their full time job.

Scourgify seemed like a dumb spell. Was it even a spell? Doubting her teacher, she watched as the spot on towel disappeared she wondered, is it possible for one to say something out loud but have it actually do something different?

Sighing, she got up and got a few things before practicing with the spell. It wasn’t as easy for her as one might’ve thought. Her father would most likely be disappointed if she failed her classes.

“Scourgify.” She spat at the shirt stained with a rather large ketchup stain. The spot slowly reduced its size. It was still rather large. Magic just didn’t want to cooperate with her at all! First flying now this? The world must be coming to an end.

She looked over at the kid next to her and smirked, “You do know you just cleared blood away from the scarf, right?”

  • Is this blood?Astien Badeaux , Tue Nov 19 19:25
    Astien stared intently at the scarf that lay before him on the desk. He was fairly certain that the sky blue article of clothing was stained with blood. Of course, it could also be ketchup. Or... more
    • Of course it's blood! — Safire Hathaway, Wed Nov 20 14:24
      • I was afraid of thatAstien Badeaux [Draco], Wed Nov 20 15:33
        “You do know you just cleared blood away from the scarf, right?” Astien turned to the girl sitting next to him and noted the smirk currently sprawled across her lips. Was she joking with him in a... more
        • Good, because it's trueSafire [Lyra], Wed Nov 20 23:00
          “Perhaps you should clean that up. If you don’t annihilate the evidence… well, she must get the blood from somewhere, eh?” Safire’s smirk grew as she listened to his words. However, before she could... more
          • That is wonderful to knowAstien Badeaux [draco], Wed Nov 20 23:28
            Astien sat calmly as she turned to him and snarled. He was quite surprised that she didn’t burst a blood vessel with the raw, condensed rage he felt within her voice. Now that was some killing intent ... more
            • I'm glad you think soSafire, Wed Nov 20 23:53
              Safire took a deep, frustrated, breath. If she was a dragon she’d probably have burned everything in her path by now. Which, ironically, was what the name the Aofie wrote, implided. A Fire “You’re... more
              • I have seen death, and it is SaffireAstien Badeaux [Draco], Thu Nov 21 00:13
                Oh dear, he seemed to have ignited a fury that was unstoppable. He saw a deep, dark rage within those blue eyes of her, he could sense the raw, unadulterated fury directed to one sole point in the... more
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