Arnold Bittleby [Cetus]
Watch where you throw that stuff!
Wed Nov 20, 2013 21:20

After wandering around hopelessly for about ten minutes, Arnold had finally managed to locate the Spellwork classroom. It would have been a lot easier if he had just asked someone, but he didn’t want to seem like a confused first year. Though thinking about his aimless drifting, he realized that he probably didn’t fool anyone. Luckily he still managed to arrive almost on time; the professor had just started to introduce herself. Unfortunately, because of his lateness, all of the good seats were taken, forcing the elven year old to sit in the back of the room. Of course, because of his short stature, he wasn’t able to see anything.

He tried to take notes, but without being able to see what the professor was doing hindered the process. All he could get from the lesson was the incantation “Scourgify” and its use. He hoped that being able to see the teacher perform the charm wasn’t terribly important. Arnold vowed to never be late to class again. If he didn’t grow, he’d be doomed to sit in the front of the class for the rest of his life.
As the class lined up to rummage through a box containing various filthy items, Arnold wondered if he should ask the professor to repeat the charm so that he could see it. Suddenly, a dirty rag flew over the shoulder of the boy in front of him and whacked Arnold in the face. Before Arnold had time to react properly, the boy whipped around and shoved a plate with a piece of pasta adhered to its surface in his face.

“Ay, ‘ow boo-tee-ful!”

Arnold took a small step back, wary of the sudden onslaught of words. Hopefully this guy wasn’t crazy.

“Er… if you say so…” The first year gingerly plucked the rag off the ground, deciding it was sufficient to practice on.

Nodding, Arnold turned around to return to his seat. Then a sudden idea hit him. He pivoted back to his potentially insane classmate.

“Hey, you didn’t see how the charm is supposed to be performed, did you? I can’t see anything back there!”

  • Going on a Treasure HuntKašpar Szyszko (Aquila), Wed Nov 20 19:33
    Kašpar ran into class late, as usual, robes slipping off his shoulder and shoes untied, the laces flapping frenetically around his ankle. He bodily leapt into a desk and only barely managed to stop... more
    • Watch where you throw that stuff! — Arnold Bittleby [Cetus], Wed Nov 20 21:20
      • I'm sorry; it's just so exciting!Kašpar , Thu Nov 21 12:00
        Blinking at the apathetic reaction from the boy standing behind him, Kašpar’s blonde eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “Vhy are you not being egg-site-ing? Zhis ees fun ,” he repeated, nodding ... more
        • If you say so!Arnold (Cetus), Thu Nov 21 17:46
          The blond boy in front of Arnold honestly seemed completely unaware of what was going on. In the time that Arnold had taken to ask his question, the other boy had also been able to find a repulsively ... more
          • Well yes, I'm always rightKašpar, Fri Nov 22 21:06
            Very carefully placing the results of his treasure hunt down on the desk, the plate settling against his still-unopened textbook with a clink , the blonde turned his attention to the notes that his... more
            • Of course you areArnold (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 14:28
              After listening to a mini-lecture on dragons and treasure, Arnold couldn’t help but chuckle as the other boy tried to pronounce the charm. His partner was truly interesting. He wasn’t sure if his... more
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