Astien Badeaux [draco]
That is wonderful to know
Wed Nov 20, 2013 23:28

Astien sat calmly as she turned to him and snarled. He was quite surprised that she didn’t burst a blood vessel with the raw, condensed rage he felt within her voice. Now that was some killing intent right there. He ran a critical eye over her performance and noticed a few flaws in it, which lead him to a dilemma. If he responded critically to her in any way, shape, or form, she might kill him in an instant. And that would be unpleasant.

However, she had asked him for aid, and so aid he would supply, and so he responded in the same, level tone, “You’re pronouncing the spell correctly; however, the motions of your wand are off. They need to be precise in order to cast the spell. Like so:” He pointed to a bloody sock on his desk and cast the incantation, flicking his wand in the motions required, and the stain vanished into oblivion. “I’m actually in the middle of an experiment right now, trying to see how much leeway you have in the way of enunciation and wand movement, but as of now it seems that you need to be fairly precise to get it done.”

But this, however, opened up a new train of thought for the aspiring mage. How had spells come to be? Had one person invented the spell, and suddenly everyone could use it? How were the words and wand motions decided, were they a conscious decision or was there some underlying fundamental rule to the wand, like a mathematical equation or some form of art?

“Also, perhaps you might wish to calm yourself a bit. I’m no expert in magic, but perhaps strong emotions could have a negative effect in casting spells, at least early on.”

  • Good, because it's trueSafire [Lyra], Wed Nov 20 23:00
    “Perhaps you should clean that up. If you don’t annihilate the evidence… well, she must get the blood from somewhere, eh?” Safire’s smirk grew as she listened to his words. However, before she could... more
    • That is wonderful to know — Astien Badeaux [draco], Wed Nov 20 23:28
      • I'm glad you think soSafire, Wed Nov 20 23:53
        Safire took a deep, frustrated, breath. If she was a dragon she’d probably have burned everything in her path by now. Which, ironically, was what the name the Aofie wrote, implided. A Fire “You’re... more
        • I have seen death, and it is SaffireAstien Badeaux [Draco], Thu Nov 21 00:13
          Oh dear, he seemed to have ignited a fury that was unstoppable. He saw a deep, dark rage within those blue eyes of her, he could sense the raw, unadulterated fury directed to one sole point in the... more
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