I'm glad you think so
Wed Nov 20, 2013 23:53

Safire took a deep, frustrated, breath. If she was a dragon she’d probably have burned everything in her path by now. Which, ironically, was what the name the Aofie wrote, implided. A Fire

“You’re pronouncing the spell correctly; however, the motions of your wand are off…”

She glared at him as he said that. She didn’t like being told she was wrong. Call her a spoild brat (because that’s what she was) for thinking that she was always right and everyone else was wrong.

She watched as he demonstrated and her anger seemed to rise as the stain disappeared the first time. She clutched her left fist, the one that her wand was not in. Why could everyone do the spell correctly but she was unable to make the stain of one shirt go away once?!

”“Also, perhaps you might wish to calm yourself a bit. I’m no expert in magic, but perhaps strong emotions could have a negative effect in casting spells, at least early on.”

She almost decked him in the face for that comment. It was obviously one she didn’t like. “I’m sure that has something to do with why I can’t do this simple spell!” She spat, fire in her blue eyes. She wanted a fight. She wanted to get into a fight. He just happened to be right next to her. She clenched her teeth and tried to calm herself. She even tried taking a deep breath to calm herself. It seemed to be working… a little bit.

“Scourgify.” she said and did the motions, copying Astien’s wand movements and was pleased to see the stain disappear.

She turned back to the Draco and grudgingly said, “thanks.”

  • That is wonderful to knowAstien Badeaux [draco], Wed Nov 20 23:28
    Astien sat calmly as she turned to him and snarled. He was quite surprised that she didn’t burst a blood vessel with the raw, condensed rage he felt within her voice. Now that was some killing intent ... more
    • I'm glad you think so — Safire, Wed Nov 20 23:53
      • I have seen death, and it is SaffireAstien Badeaux [Draco], Thu Nov 21 00:13
        Oh dear, he seemed to have ignited a fury that was unstoppable. He saw a deep, dark rage within those blue eyes of her, he could sense the raw, unadulterated fury directed to one sole point in the... more
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