Krystal Baitman [Aquila]
Is it?
Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:14

Krystal tried to emulate the way the other girl moved her wand, wondering whether it could really matter that much. And, even if she copied that, and said the word right, it still felt just like waving a stick around.

“Scourgify,” she tried again, trying to move her wand more carefully and more like the girl next to her. Nothing happened. She watched her desk-mate out of the corner of her eye, growing annoyed when the other girl managed to get the sock she was working on perfectly clean. She pegged the girl as a bit of a swot, although deep down she was worried that she herself was the odd one out. Maybe everyone else got it and she was going to be the only one who didn't. Deciding that Emily must have just swallowed her textbook over the summer, and that any normal person hadn't bothered, made it a lot easier to quell the fear.

“I'm Krystal,” she responded tersely, when the other girl introduced herself. She didn't like Emily looking over her shoulder as she worked, especially as she was so bloody perfect at it already. She'd start acting all snotty and better than Krystal just cos she'd got the stupid spell to work. People who did well at school always thought they were better than those who didn't, even though, actually, they were usually losers.

“Scourgify,” she mumbled, swishing her wand in loosely the same way as Emily had. Nothing happened and she felt her cheeks glow red. It was just a stupid spell – it wasn't even writing or maths or any of the stuff she found hard – and she should have been just as good at it as anyone else in the room but it wasn't flipping working and everyone was going to take the mick.

“Scourgify.... SCOURGIFY!” she shouted, when the stain refused to lift, slashing wildly. A hole appeared in the sock where she'd aimed her wand.

“This is stupid,” she declared, folding her arms across the desk and dropping her head down onto them. Years of academic struggling had prompted her to develop a few coping mechanisms. They weren't consciously adopted by any means, but, as the human brain is prone to do, her mind automatically sought self-preservation when faced with a threat. In this case, the threat was that of being made fun of. But if she decided that the class was pointless anyway, then she had no reason to care what anyone said about her ability in it. So she couldn't do it... What was the big deal if it was something she didn't care about doing in the first place?

  • And the mystery is unveiled Emily, Wed Nov 20 20:56
    “How do you get it to do stuff?” Emily glanced over at the girl next to her, who was trying to clean a scarf. She didn’t know her neighbor, which meant that she wasn’t in Cetus. Emily briefly... more
    • Is it? — Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Thu Nov 21 11:14
      • Re: Is it?Anonymous, Thu Nov 21 11:40
        Emily frowned when Krystal introduced herself. She didn't seem particularly pleased to meet her. Maybe she should have been more humble when she got the charm to work. Then again, humility had never... more
        • Showing some interestKrystal Baitman [Aquila], Thu Nov 28 08:08
          God, the girl could ramble on... Krystal really didn't want to do any more, it was all just stupid. At least Emily wasn't being horrid about it. It didn't seem like she was going to just let Krystal... more
          • There you go!Emily (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 14:42
            As Emily stared at her bowl, she pondered Krystal’s question. Why did she care? It would be just as easy to let the girl do whatever she wanted. If she wanted to give up, it wouldn’t affect Emily... more
            • Do I?Krystal, Mon Dec 2 09:58
              “Nah, it don't,” Krystal reassured Emily, when she said her desire to help people sounded lame. She had had a good handful of people telling her that they wanted to help in her life. Social workers.... more
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