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Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:40

Emily frowned when Krystal introduced herself. She didn't seem particularly pleased to meet her. Maybe she should have been more humble when she got the charm to work. Then again, humility had never been one of her strong points. The eleven year old tried not to stare as Krystal attempted to perform the charm again. But since she had asked for help originally, Emily felt obligated to make sure she was doing it right. Krystal's technique was better than it had been before, but the charm still didn't work.

Emily opened her mouth to try and explain the movement a little bit better, but then Krystal started waving her wand wildly, creating a hole in her scarf. She then put her head on her desk, seeming to give up. If Emily had any set ideas about life and how it worked, she knew that giving up was never the answer.

She poked Krystal gently in the shoulder, fearing upsetting the girl more. "Hey, it's okay. I mean at least you did something ! It was more... extreme cleaning. You should try again, because if you give up now you definitely won't get it. Honestly, I'm surprised that I figured out how to do it. I wasn't ever that good in muggle school, but I guess being stubborn helps here. I'll help if you want me to, but either way I know that you can get it if you keep trying, even if it's hard."

Emily went back to the box to get another item to practice on. This time it was an orange bowl with some food remnants. She hoped that when she returned to her seat that Krystal might be more willing to work.

  • Is it?Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Thu Nov 21 11:14
    Krystal tried to emulate the way the other girl moved her wand, wondering whether it could really matter that much. And, even if she copied that, and said the word right, it still felt just like... more
    • Re: Is it? — Anonymous, Thu Nov 21 11:40
      • Showing some interestKrystal Baitman [Aquila], Thu Nov 28 08:08
        God, the girl could ramble on... Krystal really didn't want to do any more, it was all just stupid. At least Emily wasn't being horrid about it. It didn't seem like she was going to just let Krystal... more
        • There you go!Emily (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 14:42
          As Emily stared at her bowl, she pondered Krystal’s question. Why did she care? It would be just as easy to let the girl do whatever she wanted. If she wanted to give up, it wouldn’t affect Emily... more
          • Do I?Krystal, Mon Dec 2 09:58
            “Nah, it don't,” Krystal reassured Emily, when she said her desire to help people sounded lame. She had had a good handful of people telling her that they wanted to help in her life. Social workers.... more
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