I'm sorry; it's just so exciting!
Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:00

Blinking at the apathetic reaction from the boy standing behind him, Kašpar’s blonde eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “Vhy are you not being egg-site-ing? Zhis ees fun,” he repeated, nodding firmly as he tucked his newfound treasure under his arm. The short boy didn’t seem nearly as impressed with the plate as he was. Not being excited in a classroom, Kašpar could sympathize with; classes were awfully boring, the time spent wiggling impatiently in a hard chair, adults droning on with lists of instructions and rules, and inevitably the Pureblood always found himself dozing off, usually right on top of his textbooks. The textbooks weren’t the best pillow, but sleeping on them was better than having to actually read them. They were even more boring than the classes themselves! Today, though, the strange-familiar-woman was not making them read textbooks, but letting them go on a treasure hunt through a box of strangely dirty trinkets, which was new and different, and the short boy should have been more excited about it.

Eh, that was okay, he decided. He was more than excited enough for the both of them.

“Ooooh!” he breathed, extricating a sock from where it had gotten tangled around some unknown object deeper in the box. It was hard to tell what colour the sock had been originally and he studied it with some curiosity. His own socks right now, which were fortunately mostly hidden under his shoes, were probably about the same level of dirtiness. Whether he was living in a dorm at RMI or surrounded by the usual rigid chaos at home, Akalena snapping and flicking her wand irritably whenever he managed to roughen up a freshly laundered shirt, their house-elf’s head disappearing behind the stacks of clothing constantly being trotting around for further cleaning, being forced into the bathtub for the third time in a row and hiding frogs there for the simple delight of hearing his sister’s shriek later in the day, dirt remained a standby in Kašpar’s closet. He was an outdoorsy boy at heart and he didn’t feel the need to make an effort to stay clean when he was outside.

Absently, he heard the short boy direct a question at him, and he spun around to face him, raising the hand holding his new sock treasure and using his knuckles to push a loose bit of hair out of his face (and accidentally smearing some dirt from the sock across his forehead while he was at it). “Charm?” he echoed, completely ignorant that they were even supposed to be doing anything this class other than find treasures in the box. He considered it for a moment and then shrugged, trademark toothy grin spreading across his face once more. “I ‘ave not a clue! But ve can be figuring it togezher!” Together was the best way to work through anything. Granted, in his case, it was the best way mainly because he had a hard time paying enough attention during class to know what to do without a partner telling him. “Come,” he ordered brightly, trotting off towards his desk, “ve can be vorking here! It ees in zhe middle so now you can be seeing better, da?” See how thoughtful he was? He had been paying attention to what the short boy said! And Kejan always accused him of being selfish, psssh. He was really the least selfish person there was. “And vhat ees it zhat ve are charming? I am not remembering.”

  • Watch where you throw that stuff!Arnold Bittleby [Cetus], Wed Nov 20 21:20
    After wandering around hopelessly for about ten minutes, Arnold had finally managed to locate the Spellwork classroom. It would have been a lot easier if he had just asked someone, but he didn’t want ... more
    • I'm sorry; it's just so exciting! — Kašpar , Thu Nov 21 12:00
      • If you say so!Arnold (Cetus), Thu Nov 21 17:46
        The blond boy in front of Arnold honestly seemed completely unaware of what was going on. In the time that Arnold had taken to ask his question, the other boy had also been able to find a repulsively ... more
        • Well yes, I'm always rightKašpar, Fri Nov 22 21:06
          Very carefully placing the results of his treasure hunt down on the desk, the plate settling against his still-unopened textbook with a clink , the blonde turned his attention to the notes that his... more
          • Of course you areArnold (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 14:28
            After listening to a mini-lecture on dragons and treasure, Arnold couldn’t help but chuckle as the other boy tried to pronounce the charm. His partner was truly interesting. He wasn’t sure if his... more
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