Beka Hiemer (Aquila)
The dubious hat of mysterious origins.
Thu Nov 21, 2013 22:10

Beka Hiemer looked at the very dirty hat sitting in front of her. She was trying to determine exactly what color it was. She couldn't tell. The well-lit classroom was a perfect place to practice charms and transfiguration. Clean, (in exception to the sock and other very...interesting...clothes Beka and her classmates were trying to 'scourgify,') bright, (an absolutely perfect workplace,) and utterly boring. After train/cafeterias and outside indoor quidditch, not to mention all the other classes that Beka had been to that day were either dark and mysterious, or had some other magical twist. But no, not the Spellworks classroom. And it was even one of the classes that she had been looking forward to the most.

Beka, who always liked pranking, adventure, and basically just having fun naturally expected a magical school to help her have the time of her life. And it was definitely helping. Diving through the air in Quidditch. Exploring hidden passageways with Cora. Just chatting with Emily, Krystal, and Rosemary. Learning magic. Beka was completely enjoying herself. Even a boring Spellworks classroom. It made up for itself in teaching her the ability to have things change color.

As Beka finished off contemplating the dubious hat of mysterious origins sitting in front of her she took out her wand. Right. So jab the wand, and say 'Scourgify.' Beka had this. Jab. "Scourgify!" Nothing. Jab. "Scourgify!!" Nothing. The person who had plopped down next to her halfway through the teachers starting speech had their biggest stain vanish. "Scourgify!!!" Something happened all right: the hat caught on fire. Fantastic.

She turned to the person next to her and said (rather excitedly, rather than fearfully,) "HELP!!"

  • Late…!!!Cara Amerina [Lyra] , Wed Nov 20 21:56
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    • The dubious hat of mysterious origins. — Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Thu Nov 21 22:10
      • Lets work on your casting skills.Rosemary Stark [lyra], Sun Nov 24 18:12
        Rosemary wasn't technically late, but she was pretty close to being so. She felt a smile form on her face. It was so exciting, to finally be learning how to use magic. She was honestly unable to... more
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          • An interesting turn of eventsCara, Sun Dec 1 21:56
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            • That it was!Beka Hiemer, Tue Dec 3 12:16
              Beka smiled, her breath slightly catching as an aftereffect of the excitement of the fire, and turned to look at Rosemary and the other girl sitting in front of her. "Hey Rosemary," she said... more
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