Well yes, I'm always right
Fri Nov 22, 2013 21:06

Very carefully placing the results of his treasure hunt down on the desk, the plate settling against his still-unopened textbook with a clink, the blonde turned his attention to the notes that his younger partner had so helpfully offered to him. He bobbed his head along with the boy’s explanation, hazel eyes scanning the pages that were, to him, virtually indecipherable. Kašpar wasn’t much of a reader; even in his native Russian, the most familiar of the three languages he had been surrounded by for the vast majority of his life, the amount of time that he willingly spent with a book could be counted in only minutes. He just couldn’t sit still, couldn’t keep his eyes focused, couldn’t stop his mind from wandering off into the realms of open skies and dragon’s fire, and when faced with books in English, these problems only became worse traits only became stronger.

(Arguably, it wasn’t a problem that he didn’t like to read, nor was it a bad thing that he didn’t like to read English; it wasn’t as if his dreams of being a professional Quidditch player would be at all hindered by a lack of academic knowledge. All that Beating required was his hands and arms and a good eye for what direction to smack Bludgers in, and Kašpar was undeniably good at those physical tasks, and that was the only thing that mattered.)

The younger boy’s explanation was enough that he could turn away from the notes, absorbing the verbal information at a significantly faster speed than the tedious lines of script. “So zhe skoorjing charm is to be making it more boo-tee-ful,” he summarized, glancing over to the plate fondly. “Zhat ees good! Dragons do not like dirty treasures,” he informed the boy with a mildly superior air. “Zhe treasures must be clean or else they vill not be sparkly.” He felt fully entitled to share this piece of information. He wasn’t exactly a trained professional on the magnificent beasts, but through his father, he was definitely a passionate enthusiast. Tomas Szyszko worked with the National Ironbelly Reserve in northern Ukraine and Kašpar was quite proud to have such an esteemed dragonmaster for a father.

“Skooo-ur-jee-fy,” he repeated dutifully, head bobbing, somehow managing to turn three syllables into four and showing an obvious lack of concern towards this discrepancy. “But first, ve should ‘ave introduce-ings! I am Kašpar and I am in zhe ‘ouse of Aquila. Are you in zhe first year? You are teeny!” He beamed at the observation, genuinely happy to have a shorter boy to work with. The blonde was a bit shorter than average, too, putting him at almost the same height as his sister, which sucked. And though he felt tall right now since he was in the highest year level of the Beginners class, going out into the hallways would make him feel immediately short again. Some of the older students were like giants!

The charm didn’t seem to do anything when his partner tried it, but then he suggested that Kašpar try it as well, to which he flashed another wide grin. “Da! Vhat vas it? Ay, I remember - skoorgify!” He jabbed his wand firmly, imagining the spell like a blast of hot, soapy water that would clean his plate and return it to a sparkly-new condition. Instead, the dried chunk of pasta sauce gave a shiver before expanding outwards, the single solid chunk turning into a spray of tinier chunks that festively dotted the entire plate. Kašpar picked it up to inspect it, his smile widening even farther, if such a thing was possible. “Perfect, zhis ees good decorating!” Rethinking it, the blonde added, “But eet did not turn very clean. And yours did not, too.”

  • If you say so!Arnold (Cetus), Thu Nov 21 17:46
    The blond boy in front of Arnold honestly seemed completely unaware of what was going on. In the time that Arnold had taken to ask his question, the other boy had also been able to find a repulsively ... more
    • Well yes, I'm always right — Kašpar, Fri Nov 22 21:06
      • Of course you areArnold (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 14:28
        After listening to a mini-lecture on dragons and treasure, Arnold couldn’t help but chuckle as the other boy tried to pronounce the charm. His partner was truly interesting. He wasn’t sure if his... more
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