Luke Calloway [Lyra]
Isn't this what house elves are for?
Sun Nov 24, 2013 17:50

“Ah, spellwork” The first year muttered to himself as he wandered into the classroom. Being three late certainly had been interesting; he had received a few curious looks from the students in the cafater—h Finer Dinerh—as he port keyed into it. The nice Jesse guy—whom, he belatedly realized, was the same person at the flying lesson—had given him a tour of the school which he had promptly forgotten, and then he was taken to the House of Pansies where they had to hum a tune to get into the dormitories… why did they have to hum a tune? Why couldn’t they just memorize some silly word or phrase to get inside? He felt so utterly ridiculous humming a song. ‘Lyra’s are musical and artistic’? What the hell was he doing here then?

He slouched over in his chair, resting his head in one hand as his curly blonde hair fell into his dark blue eyes. The classroom reeked of education. He didn’t like education, and the charm that they were using just seemed so silly and useless. “Why bother cleaning?” He muttered to himself as he lazily motioned towards a sweater with his wand. “Isn’t this what house elves are for?”

The girl beside him assumed that he was talking to her and asked him to repeat himself. “I said,” he began, a little louder, “Isn’t this what house elves are for?”

A more useful thing would be to make stains. Although… this would make cleaning up after himself signifigantly easier, especially if he were doing… somewhat frowned upon activities. Like painting the Lyra common room with more pleasing colors. He mirthfully smiled at that sentiment. They couldn’t get mad at him for painting the common room, because it’s artistic, and he needed to embrace his artistic side if he was going to be in that class.

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    • Isn't this what house elves are for? — Luke Calloway [Lyra], Sun Nov 24 17:50
      • That's what I said.Aviynne, Sun Nov 24 21:02
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