Rosemary Stark [lyra]
Lets work on your casting skills.
Sun Nov 24, 2013 18:12

Rosemary wasn't technically late, but she was pretty close to being so. She felt a smile form on her face. It was so exciting, to finally be learning how to use magic. She was honestly unable to contain her excitement.

As soon as she saw the teacher do her spell, she was excited to try it out for herself. She was honestly suprised to be so excited. And she hadn't even asked a question! Maybe this school was changing her, and not necessarily for the best. Two weeks ago she wouldn't've dared to be late for anything, now she was getting laid back about being on time.

When they where told to get something to practice on, she scrambled to get one. She pulled out her wand and was about to cast the spell when someone sitting next to her... Well, their hat caught on fire. For the first time she realized who was sitting next to her. Beka was sitting next to her an d Cara was sitting on the other side.

"... Uhm, Beka, I think your hat is.. On fire.." SHe coughed out, trying to not chuckle at her friend.

  • The dubious hat of mysterious origins.Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Thu Nov 21 22:10
    Beka Hiemer looked at the very dirty hat sitting in front of her. She was trying to determine exactly what color it was. She couldn't tell. The well-lit classroom was a perfect place to practice... more
    • Lets work on your casting skills. — Rosemary Stark [lyra], Sun Nov 24 18:12
      • Oh dear, what have we here? Professor M. Clarke, Mon Nov 25 14:46
        Mary-Louise had been enjoying a nice crisp sandwich while flicking through the newspaper. She felt content with the knowledge that nothing bad could happen to the young ones. In general she felt as... more
        • An interesting turn of eventsCara, Sun Dec 1 21:56
          Cara was just sitting there, somehow excelling at this spell, when she suddenly heard someone. She turned to look at the girl next to her after she heard her cry for help. She started to say... more
          • That it was!Beka Hiemer, Tue Dec 3 12:16
            Beka smiled, her breath slightly catching as an aftereffect of the excitement of the fire, and turned to look at Rosemary and the other girl sitting in front of her. "Hey Rosemary," she said... more
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