That's what I said.
Sun Nov 24, 2013 21:02

“I said,” the boy had raised his voice, causing Aviynne to subtly roll her eyes. “Isn’t this what house elves are for?”

Aviynne practically whipped her head back around to look at the boy. She hadn’t really met anyone who shared her pureblood ideals and she was simply thrilled that this student mirrored her thoughts. Most people she had met hadn’t been so strong about blood purism and they reminded her of Cayden. It annoyed Aviynne to no end that her sister didn’t follow their father’s orders and yet she would marry the person her father decided.

She had begun to believe that there were no sensible people at this school until she had met the person beside her. This boy, a first year she believed, agreed with her thoughts. A proper pureblood didn’t need to know these things. It was the place for servants to do that and Aviynne couldn’t believe she was being made to do this. She cleaned her second piece of clothing as she spoke to the other person.

“That’s what I thought!” she exclaimed, grinning at the boy. “Aviynne Bloom is the name, and I agree that this is what house elves are for.”

Slowly, the pile in front of Aviynne grew. She was bored with the spell that she had mastered. She was ready to be given her homework so that she could work on that. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near the end of the class period and the Aquila knew she was growing impatient. She pocketed her wand and turned her attention to the boy she had spoken too.

“It’s rather boring once you get the hang of it, don’t you agree?”

  • Isn't this what house elves are for?Luke Calloway [Lyra], Sun Nov 24 17:50
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    • That's what I said. — Aviynne, Sun Nov 24 21:02
      • Glad I'm not aloneLuke Calloway [Lyra], Mon Nov 25 10:40
        Luke lazily nodded his head in agreement. It had taken a few frustrating minutes to get the spell under control, but he had gotten it to work… more or less. He dully motioned his wand to a scarf on... more
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