Luke Calloway [Lyra]
Glad I'm not alone
Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:40

Luke lazily nodded his head in agreement. It had taken a few frustrating minutes to get the spell under control, but he had gotten it to workÖ more or less. He dully motioned his wand to a scarf on another studentís table and cleansed it of its sins, and the poor kid didnít even notice. What a drag.

However, his sentiments on house elves and hygiene seemed to have excited this ďAviynne BloomĒ. He couldnít blame her; heís an interesting guy after all.

Yawning, he stretched out like a cat, his silver necklace arcing between his chest and empty space, causing the amethyst at the end to gently tap the edge of his desk. Having relaxed himself, he turned to Aviynne. ďAnyways, Iím Luke Calloway. Itís a pleasure to meet a fellow pureblood, most of the people Iíve met here donít hold themselves in the proper esteem that they should. Sad, really.Ē

There were three things wrong with that statement.
A) He didnít actually know for certain that she was a pureblood, although given her sentiments on house elves, it was a safe guess
B) He didnít actually know if he was a pureblood or not, although he certainly wasnít going to admit it to this woman
C) He actually hadnít met anyone else at this school.
So all in all, a rather normal conversation for him so far.

  • That's what I said.Aviynne, Sun Nov 24 21:02
    ďI said,Ē the boy had raised his voice, causing Aviynne to subtly roll her eyes. ďIsnít this what house elves are for?Ē Aviynne practically whipped her head back around to look at the boy. She hadnít ... more
    • Glad I'm not alone — Luke Calloway [Lyra], Mon Nov 25 10:40
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