Professor M. Clarke
Oh dear, what have we here?
Mon Nov 25, 2013 14:46

Mary-Louise had been enjoying a nice crisp sandwich while flicking through the newspaper. She felt content with the knowledge that nothing bad could happen to the young ones. In general she felt as though the lesson was running rather smoothly so far. She had set the children to work cleaning some of the objects she had found around her own home, and Eileen had happily helped her slap mud on a few items, just incase she didn’t have enough to go around. Never, had the muggleborn imaged, that they could possibly have an accident doing such a simple activity.

Every few minutes, Mary-Louise would glance up from her page and watch them with fondness, as some struggled to lift even the smallest speck of dirt. In only a matter of months, the first years would be familiar with magic and within a year would look back on their first few experiences, with amazement and shame. Then this spell would feel effortless, however, for the time being it proved somewhat more challenging.

Licking her index finger, the Professor went to flick over another page, only to glance up briefly and catch the sight of something bright out of the corner of one silver eye. Startled, she looked over in the same direction, and again was confronted with the same orange glare. More than slightly astounded, it took a second or two, before the woman fully took in the situation and responded.

Wand at the ready, she wasted no more time and shuffled off in the direction of a small group of first years, one of whom had managed to set fire to an old musty hat. Water, shot of of her wand tip immediately putting out the flames, and in a single swift movement her fingers curled around the hat and whipped it away from them.

“Who is responsible for this?” she inquired tiredly. When the culprit was located she looked at them with understanding and said, “Not to worry. It was just a mistake. Perhaps we’ll not be so enthusiastic next time, though? If you're having difficulty with the spell please ask myself or another student for help in the future. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.”

With that she quickly demonstrated the spell for the students benefit once more and parted with the words, “Now go and see if there is anything left to practice with while I dispose of this...hat.”

Briskly she headed off and decided to keep an eye on that particular student for the rest of class perhaps even the rest of the year. Hopefully there would be no more excitement for the remainder of the day.

OOC: Hello! It’s lovely to see you all posting and now Mary-Louise has dealt with the fire hazard the three of you may continue with your thread. However please make an effort to remember that all posts must be at least 200 words long.

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    • Oh dear, what have we here? — Professor M. Clarke, Mon Nov 25 14:46
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