Cora Procella [Aquila]
Never fear.. help is here!
Tue Nov 26, 2013 15:13

Cora had managed to get to her Spellwork class without getting lost at all! Well, maybe only once.. or twice. But the point was she made it there on time!

She grabbed the first item she saw from the box, some mysterious rag with some mysterious stain. Cora didn't know what it was, and she didn't really want to guess. Most likely, their teacher had just squeezed bottles of muggle food coloring (or some such thing) onto different cloths, placing them in the boxes for the students to pick up. However, Cora didn't know this for sure, and though her stain was purple, she did know that a couple other things could be purple (like bug and snail guts) and she didn't want to think too hard about what exactly could have caused the stain.

At any rate, Cora decided she had better start on the spell. She expected it to go very easily, and it did! The stain looked a little lighter after only the first time she did the spell. This was not the case with a few of the other students who would nervously cast the spell, hoping and praying for some results.

Maybe it helped that Cora had been confident. Could spells sense this kind of thing? She had also tried very hard to do the exact movements her teacher had demonstrated. That would probably also be a contributing factor.

Cora set to work, hoping to get the stain to disappear completely when a girl about her age came up to her.

“Um, excuse me,” the auburn-haired girl had said, tapping Cora on the shoulder, “would you mind showing me how you did that so quickly?”

"Of course!" Cora told the girl with a smile, "I'd be happy to help!"

Growing up in the muggle world, Cora had gone to a muggle school. She had always been competitive, and even though she had only gotten as far as elementary school in her muggle education, she was always at the top of the class. Especially in the last few years, whenever someone needed help, they would go to Cora or her friends. So, Cora was used to helping people, and was eager to help this other girl.

Thinking of the past made her think of her friends, though. Where were they without her? She had told them that she was going to a boarding school, but couldn't be specific and tell them which one. After all, no one would be dumb enough to trust a couple eleven-year-olds with the knowledge of a secret world. Cora really missed her friends, and with this realization came a bout of homesickness. But, she had made pretty good friends in Beka, Cara, and most recently, Astien, and she knew she would enjoy her stay at RMI.

[OCC: I know it says wizard, and as a female, Cora is a witch. I hope that is ok!]

  • Clean Sweep... Or... NotBrielle Hawkins [Aquila], Tue Nov 26 12:15
    "Spellwork," Brielle read off her schedule as she walked through the corridors of RMI. She kept to herself as she passed unfamiliar faces, but she knew she'd have to branch out eventually and make... more
    • Never fear.. help is here! — Cora Procella [Aquila], Tue Nov 26 15:13
      • Help at Last!Brielle Hawkins [Aquila], Tue Nov 26 16:51
        [OOC: That's quite alright!] "Of course!" the other witch said cheerfully and with a smile, "I'd be happy to help!" Brielle's eyes flickered from the floor to the other girl, who she noticed was also ... more
        • Anything to help a fellow AquilaCora Procella [Aquila], Wed Nov 27 00:07
          Scourgify, the auburn-haired girl tried, but the stain only got deeper and stronger. Cora was perplexed, but then distracted when the girl-Brielle- asked her name. "My name is Cora... Procella." Cora ... more
          • Hey thereMeci Bandipudi [Aquila], Wed Nov 27 21:36
            Meci entered the spellwork class, late as usual. But she didn’t care; getting a detention would not hurt her. She surveyed the classroom to get a sense of what was going on. Meci saw that people were ... more
            • Hello thereBrielle Hawkins [Aquila], Thu Nov 28 09:09
              "Would you like some help?" The newly approached girl, Meci, asked them. Brielle looked at Cora and shrugged, thinking that maybe this witch would be able to solve the riddle of the stain. "We... more
              • Maybe she can helpCora Procella [Aquila], Thu Nov 28 15:17
                It seemed that as soon as Cora suggested they ask someone for help, help came. Well, that is help came as long as this girl-Meci could help, which, at the time, was still undetermined. Cora watched... more
                • Sure thing Meci [Aquila], Thu Nov 28 19:08
                  Meci waited and watched as one of the girls got up to go somewhere. She thought that she was getting the professor, but alas, she was only getting another jersey. Perhaps this time they would have... more
                  • I'm gonna need a shower... StatBrielle Hawkins [Aquila], Sat Nov 30 22:46
                    "So," Brielle responded, practicing the motion before actually going into the spell, "like that?" She did the motion one more time for Meci's sake, then moved onto the cloth without waiting for... more
                    • Awww poor BrielleCora Procella [Aquila], Sun Dec 1 13:22
                      Cora giggled as Brielle got hit in the face by a jet of purple liquid, spewed from a stain. Was it rude to giggle? Probably. Well, actually, it was most definitely rude. Cora tried to shut up... more
                      • A little help here...?Brielle Hawkins [Aquila], Mon Dec 9 11:46
                        Usually this is when someone offers to help clean this up with me, Brielle thought as she knelt on her hands and knees, still covered in the gook from the explosion. On the other hand, she thought... more
                        • I Tried...Meci Bandipudi [aquila], Sat Dec 14 18:21
                          Meci tried to contain her smirk as she saw a messy Brielle covered in slop. However, seeing Brielle struggling to clean up without further creating a mess, filled her up with guilt. It was partially... more
                          • Yay... more practice...Cora Procella [Aquila], Mon Dec 30 22:27
                            "Yay... More practice.." Cora muttered under her breath sarcastically. She had gotten the hang of it until Meci and this stubborn stain made her feel like an idiot. Cora did not like feeling, or... more
                            • Clearly, I need itBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Thu Jan 2 11:02
                              Brielle glowered at her disgusting robes, which were now beginning to dry with a crusty purple finish to them. She rolled her eyes and began to cast the scourging charm at the ground, the desk, the... more
                              • I'M SO SORRY!! Meci Bandipudi[Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:10
                                “I’m sorry guys!” Meci stammered. She did not expect her little technique to cause this much trouble. Nevertheless, she stayed back and helped Brielle and Cora clean up as Brielle’s robes took on a... more
                                • Well, one good thing came from thisBrielle Hawkins (Aquila), Sun Jan 5 16:02
                                  "I'm sorry guys!" Brielle eyed Meci as the three girls finished cleaning the mess up. She wished she could go back to the Common Room to change into her spare robes, yet she knew she had to wait... more
                                • I don't think we are getting in trouble Cora Procella [Aquila], Sun Jan 5 14:51
                                  Cora looked at the two of them in surprise, "First off, I don't think we are getting in trouble.. I mean look, we are pretty much already cleaned up and the teacher hasn't noticed," Cora lowered her... more
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