Arnold (Cetus)
Of course you are
Fri Nov 29, 2013 14:28

After listening to a mini-lecture on dragons and treasure, Arnold couldn’t help but chuckle as the other boy tried to pronounce the charm. His partner was truly interesting. He wasn’t sure if his accent was going to get in the way of how the charm worked or not. The Cetus bobbed his head along to the “introducings.” Kaspar was an interesting name, and he had heard that the Aquilas were a wild bunch as well. His face flushed slightly when Kaspar called him “teeny,” and he had to fight the urge to defend himself. Height had always been a sensitive subject for Arnold, seeing how he had been bullied at muggle school for it. His classmates called him “Littleby” for as long as he could remember. Arnold could tell that Kaspar didn’t mean any harm with the comment, so he tried his best to let it slide. Forcing a smile onto his face, Arnold introduced himself.

“I’m Arnold Bittleby, and yeah, I’m a first year. I’m in Cetus. It’s nice to meet you.”

After his failed charm, Arnold watched as Kaspar violently jabbed his wand at the plate. Though it didn’t clean anything, the piece of pasta burst into several parts, spattering the plate. At least it looked less repulsive than before, and Kaspar seemed pleased with the results. Until he remembered that the goal was to clean the plate, not decorate it.

“At least it did something ,” Arnold said encouragingly. “Maybe we just need to try something different. Less… stabby.” Arnold mimicked the way Kaspar had thrust his wand at the plate. “Let’s try something different.”

This time Arnold swiped his wand quickly across the rag while saying the charm. Instead of cleaning the rag, a long gash appeared across it. Arnold took a small step back. “Oops. Well, that’s not going to work either. What else do you have?”

OOC: Sorry that it's been so long, I got caught up in a bunch of stuff!

  • Well yes, I'm always rightKašpar, Fri Nov 22 21:06
    Very carefully placing the results of his treasure hunt down on the desk, the plate settling against his still-unopened textbook with a clink , the blonde turned his attention to the notes that his... more
    • Of course you are — Arnold (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 14:28
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