An interesting turn of events
Sun Dec 1, 2013 21:56

Cara was just sitting there, somehow excelling at this spell, when she suddenly heard someone.

She turned to look at the girl next to her after she heard her cry for help. She started to say something, when she realized that the hat was on fire.

Suddenly, Rose popped out of nowhere and said something to the girl. What did she call her? Beka? It seemed like they were already friends. Cara wondered when they met.

The fire was starting to worry her now. It was a full blown fire, and it didn't seem like it was stopping. Finally, the teacher came over and put out the fire. Cara breathed a huge sigh of relief.

She turned to the other two girls. Because Rose was there and it seemed like she and Beka were friends, Cara felt less shy.

"So, how did you guys meet already? Oh and by the way, did you know that there are secret passageways here? I've been there and met a girl named Cora!"

  • Oh dear, what have we here? Professor M. Clarke, Mon Nov 25 14:46
    Mary-Louise had been enjoying a nice crisp sandwich while flicking through the newspaper. She felt content with the knowledge that nothing bad could happen to the young ones. In general she felt as... more
    • An interesting turn of events — Cara, Sun Dec 1 21:56
      • That it was!Beka Hiemer, Tue Dec 3 12:16
        Beka smiled, her breath slightly catching as an aftereffect of the excitement of the fire, and turned to look at Rosemary and the other girl sitting in front of her. "Hey Rosemary," she said... more
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