Do I?
Mon Dec 2, 2013 09:58

“Nah, it don't,” Krystal reassured Emily, when she said her desire to help people sounded lame. She had had a good handful of people telling her that they wanted to help in her life. Social workers. Interfering teachers. There were things that they tried to force on her for own good or just because they wanted to help. Usually it involved criticising her or her mother and she wasn't particularly receptive to their so called assistance. Emily, however, did seem to be offering... well, actual help. And, unlike all those other people, it wasn't like she was being paid for it. It gave it just a little more credibility. “Sounds a bit weird to me but it's... nice of you..” It didn't bring the Charm any closer to being within her grasp though, or make her any less put off by the fact that she wasn't getting it.

“Probably ain't gonna work on me though,” she added.

She watched Emily cleaning the bowl. It took the other girl two attempts, which Krystal guessed meant it was a bit harder. It made her feel a bit safer though, knowing Emily couldn't just solve everything with a single twirl of her wand, whilst she lumbered along unable to shift the stain by even the slightest.

“Are there any more food ones?” she asked. She didn't really care about the stupid scarf, especially as it had been winning last time she checked, but the idea of not having to do the dishes again definitely appealed to her, and made her want to actually try it again.

  • There you go!Emily (Cetus), Fri Nov 29 14:42
    As Emily stared at her bowl, she pondered Krystal’s question. Why did she care? It would be just as easy to let the girl do whatever she wanted. If she wanted to give up, it wouldn’t affect Emily... more
    • Do I? — Krystal, Mon Dec 2 09:58
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