Beka Hiemer
That it was!
Tue Dec 3, 2013 12:16

Beka smiled, her breath slightly catching as an aftereffect of the excitement of the fire, and turned to look at Rosemary and the other girl sitting in front of her. "Hey Rosemary," she said chuckling, "Nice to see you! I always love it when things catch on fire..." She was trying to stop herself from doing a bizarre mixture of bursting out lauging and being severely dissappointed that she didn't get the cleaning spell the third time around. She supposed that she shouldn't be as dissappointed as all that. She had done fairly well making ANYTHING happpen with her wand so quickly, and she knew some who wouldn't have been able to do something on their fifteenth try, let alone their third.

She now should probably be getting another dirty piece of clothing, maybe even a dirty dish this time, but she really didn't want to. Though she was not as lazy, and more awake than she had been in the morning, not to mention that she had just been subject to the excitement the fire had provided (and the respect that she had for Professor Blair risen considerably,) she didn't feel like doing any physical excursion on her body. Or anything at all actually. This was a problem. 

She again adressed Rosemary (though she did flash a smile at the other girl first: on the off-chance  that they were shy: she didn't want to scare them away.) "Do you mind if we share the dirty rag thingy that your cleaning, I don't want to get up to get another." 

Facing the second girl she flashed them a smile, and introduced herself. "I'm Beka! And, your really lucky to have Rosey here as a friend, she's one of the bravest and nicest people I know!" She looked sidelong at Rosemary, laughing. "We met the first day here. Her and Emily were talking." Beka shrugged. "Lot's of people were already engaged in conversation, and they were the closest people to me. This is actually one of the first times I've talked to Rosemary since the opening feast!"

Beka had to hold back a grin when the girl started talking about secret passageways. She turned to Rosemary. "I've actually been in some of them wi..." with Cora. She promised Cora she wouldn't tell anybody about that entrance in the Library. (Why did they call it Reference Center to begin with?) But, Cara had mentioned meeting somebody in there. Did Cora show Cara them too, or was Cara the person whom Cora mentioned meeting it there?
Still, Rosemary was here, and though Beka would LOVE to tell Rosemary about the Secret Passageways, but she had promised....Maybe with the way this conversation was going Cara would tell Rosemary about the Secret Passageway without Beka having to betray Cora's trust.

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    Cara was just sitting there, somehow excelling at this spell, when she suddenly heard someone. She turned to look at the girl next to her after she heard her cry for help. She started to say... more
    • That it was! — Beka Hiemer, Tue Dec 3 12:16
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